How much can one person do?

This morning a company that has been talking to me about making an investment reached out and let me know they were considering bringing on a key advisor and asked me what I thought of him. The name didn’t ring a bell so I looked him up on LinkedIn.

From what I can tell this “key advisor” has started two companies since graduating from college. Now in his mid-thirties, he last involvement in a startup as a founder was at the tender age of 25. According to Crunchbase he left both startups immediately prior to funding events — one of the companies has shuttered and the other seems to be operational. What isn’t clear to me is how this guy makes a living — trust fund? lottery? poker?

The bulk of his LinkedIn profile consists of a listing of startups that he is an advisor to — at least 38 companies in total. On top of that he’s involved with more than 15 non-profit organizations in one way or another. I can’t imagine what this guys Google Calendar looks like.

I reached out to a few of my friends who know everyone and none of them had heard of him — but everyone was super interested. After some digging one of them realized many of the startups might be paying him between $2–5K per month — allowing him to potentially rake in $40K a month or more. Nice work if you can get it.

So what was my advice? My kneejerk reaction was tell him to runaway, but after thinking about it perhaps I’m just jealous. When I was advising startups for money ($2K per month) I could barely keep up with ten — ten hours of meetings a week, follow-up with referrals, emails, texts, and calls — it was more than a full-time job. I can’t imagine keeping up with 38 startups and 15 non-profit organizations — I just don’t scale. Maybe this guy has a magic formula that makes it work — my advice is to find out what it is and share it with me… ;)

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