Job Interview Do’s & Don’ts

Actionable interview advice from Colin Kaepernick

Alexander Muse
Nov 17 · 3 min read
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL Advisor Jay Z

Most Americans have interviewed for a job at some point in their career and as a result most of us are familiar with the basic do’s and don’ts. This weekend Colin Kaepernick hosted a masterclass for the rest of us. First, if your employer offers you a multimillion dollar contract DON’T turn it down. Second, if you want your employer to rehire you after turning down a multimillion dollar contract DON’T sue them. If after you’ve done both DON’T skip the company-wide interview specifically arranged for you. If you decide to relocate the interview don’t relocate it to a high school more than an hour away from the original location. If you do your interview at a remote location for a small subset of the company DON’T hold a press conference condemning the company for not hiring you BEFORE they’ve decided whether or not to hire you.

Photo by HENCE THE BOOM on Unsplash

Three years ago Colin Kaepernick quit the NFL when he turned down a guaranteed $14 million contract with the San Francisco 49ers and ever since he’s been unemployed. Frustrated he sued his former employer and received a multi-million dollar settlement approved by Goodell. He’s made millions more from an endorsement deal with Nike. Yesterday at behest of Jay Z and Roger Goodell the NFL organized an unprecedented league-wide job interview for a single player — Colin Kaepernick. The former NFL player decided an hour before the interview to host it at a high school an hour from the original location. He then hosted a press conference condemning the NFL. You can watch for yourself:

At the end of the day I think we can all agree this is not the sort of behavior that is going to secure ANYONE a job — much less an embattled former NFL quarterback with a reputation for being difficult. The sad news is that, as Jason Brown points out, Colin actually had a pretty good workout

P.S. And if you’re wanting a career in America don’t malign the flag that Betsy Ross first made for our great nation.

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