Sean Kelly’s Jersey Champs Startup

How this 22-year-old college dropout built a multi-million dollar business from his Rutgers dorm room.

Alexander Muse
Dec 1 · 3 min read

tories like Sean’s have been few and far between throughout the Millennial generation. But you should brace yourself for more success stories like his as the success of Generation Z is just getting started. Gen Z’ers are off to the races building million dollar startups faster than any prior generation — up more than 50% since the first member of Generation Z turned eighteen.

Gen Z’ers like Sean Kelly are using off the shelf ecommerce technology from Shopify and Stripe combined with targeted advertising from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to build their businesses. Sean’s idea for ‘Jersey Champs’ was to sell custom jerseys via Amazon using licensed content from rappers like Lil Pump, Preme, and Soulja Boy. Once he had deals in place he had his licensees wear their jerseys on social media and eventually grew his company’s own social media following by more than two million followers. Today his business continues to grow and is now over $2 million in revenue.

I wrote Gen Z Startup to give entrepreneurs like Sean Kelly a leg up. If you’re thinking about starting your own business you should give it a read (if you can’t afford the paperback or kindle edition DM me and I’ll send you a free copy).

Generation Z is now the largest generation in the United States and is the best educated and most diverse in our country’s history. They’re also the most likely to build their own businesses — just like Sean. For more information about Generation Z check out the Gen Z Trends Report HERE.

The Millennials gave up on the American Dream — it turns out Generation Z are already living it…

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Alexander Muse is a serial entrepreneur, author of the GEN Z Startup and Sous Vide Science, contributor to Forbes and managing partner of Sumo. Check out his podcast on iTunes. You can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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