The Video that made $1,000,000,000

The folks at Dollar Shave Club make videos not razors. Seriously. The Dollar Shave Club is basically a marketing agency — not a manufacturing company. Five years ago, their first video (seen above) went viral and as a result they were able to capture 8% of the razor market with annual revenues of $240M. Last week Unilever paid $1 billion for company.

Dollar Shave Club and Dorco Razors

The Video that did NOT make $1,000,000,000

On the other hand Dorco actually makes razors — in fact they actually make the razors that The Dollar Shave Club sells. The Dollar Shave Club charges between $6–9 per month for the razor and blades you could buy directly from Dorco for between $4–8. The only difference? They don’t make good videos.