Where My Readers Come From

Spoiler: Almost all of the early readers come from LinkedIn

Each time I write a StartupMuse post on Medium I link to it on my social media accounts. In the past most of my readers would come from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn — in that order — the vast majority coming from Twitter where I have more than 40K followers. Yesterday I noticed that my readership from Twitter and Facebook had slowed to a trickle — representing statistically zero traffic. Today almost all of my traffic comes from LinkedIn.

For example, yesterday I wrote a story about how we used our offices at Architel titled, “WeWork isn’t for Everyone.” This morning I logged into my Medium account to see how well the story was performing:

Medium Stats For WeWork isn’t for Everyone

Almost 2,000 readers is a good first day for one of my posts, but the abysmal numbers I am getting from Facebook and Twitter (6 and 4 respectively) are so low I could only assume my followers aren’t seeing my tweets and Facebook updates. Compare these recent numbers with these from a story I did back in 2017 titled, “How the NSA identified Satoshi Nakamoto”:

Medium Stats for How the NSA identified Satoshi Nakamoto

In this case 60,000 of my readers came from Facebook and 39,000 came from Twitter — LinkedIn didn’t even make the list (this article is mature so the Google traffic represents the lionshare of the views). So what is going on? Trump happened…

Since the election of President Trump I have tried not to post political opinions on social media but sometimes I can’t stop myself from responding to some of the left wing garbage I read on Twitter and Facebook. I try to delete it a day or two after I post just to clean my feed of political content for posterity. What I don’t delete are the “likes” I give for tweets and facebook posts that I agree with politically. I suspect that these “likes” has resulted in my posts and updates being ‘shadow banned’. The only “likes” and “views” I get from Facebook are from my family members (seriously) and I’m not getting any “hearts” and only four views from Twitter. Both Facebook and Twitter have admitted to silencing conservatives on the platforms and it appears that I’ve been caught in their nets. The only good news is that I really don’t have any reason to keep posting content on Facebook and Twitter…

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