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What Is Product Catalog Management?

With a product information management system, you can regulate the Herculean task of managing seemingly endless data points across multiple channels.

Today, a well-designed marketplace architecture is the key to a thriving platform. Yet, most merchants struggle with managing product data.

Consumers want consistent, rich product information. If your information doesn’t meet their standards, they won’t buy your goods.

Furthermore, your team, retailers and other distribution stakeholders need the most up-to-date information possible. This data is vital for enabling your organization to sell better.

It can prove challenging — if not impossible — to keep up with these demands. However, you can regain control of your product catalog for eCommerce with the right tools.

Keep reading to learn more about product catalog management.

Winning at eCommerce Product Catalog Management

Your ability to manage content hinges on how you manage your data. A small shop might use Excel to manage product information. However, Excel fails miserably as a tool for managing larger catalogs.

Furthermore, Excel requires manual input. Manual data entry increases the likelihood of human error.

Some eCommerce platforms offer SKU management tools. However, product information management platforms are more robust catalog management solutions.

This kind of software is made specifically for managing product data. You can use a product information management tool to upload important information to multiple sales channels, such as eBay, Amazon and other select marketplaces. When considering this kind of system, however, you’ll need to make sure that it meets your needs.

For example, you may need a product information management system that allows you to import and export information between all marketplaces. You may also need a tool that you can use for inventory fulfillment. You’ll benefit the most from a platform that automates these processes.

The best information management systems leverage artificial intelligence. They also enable you to streamline catalog management.

An advanced product management information system can help you to enhance your product catalog. More importantly, it can help you validate your catalog information and find hidden opportunities for improvement.

Product Catalog Management Benefits

Product catalog management can prove challenging for merchants. Resultantly, many merchants settle for maintaining subpar product information.

Online retailing is highly competitive. You can gain a distinct advantage in the marketplace with effective eCommerce product catalog management. Moreover, product catalog management sets the foundation for a good user experience.

It helps to consider that most customers don’t know exactly what they’re looking for when shopping online. Resultantly, they’ll need help finding the right goods. At the same time, they don’t want to work too hard to find them.

Effective product catalog management can serve as a roadmap. It will help your customers to find the things that they want.

Today, many companies don’t do a good job of helping customers find their products. Herein lies an opportunity that you can use to your advantage.

The way that you manage your product data is the foundation of the customer experience. By creating a positive user experience, you give customers the confidence to buy. You’ll also help your business to grow.

Supercharge Growth With the Right Data

With a powerful tool such as Algopix, you can accelerate growth for your eCommerce business. Our technology makes it easier to research competitors and succeed in top marketplaces. We monitor over 70,000 top brands and their respective marketplaces to provide you with meaningful insights.

Our proprietary algorithms can help you to improve your eCommerce performance. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, Algopix can give you remarkable insights into the places where you do business.

More importantly, you can access information needed for product catalog optimization. In fact, we offer best-in-class eCommerce catalog management technology.

It’s our mission to help you scale your operation in the marketplace. We know the product catalog practices that will help you to excel. We’ll help you to win search catalog SEO.

Our technology also helps you to keep your customers shopping by improving the browsing experience. Ultimately, you’ll win more orders with Algopix.

At Algopix, we have a proven formula for success. 40% of market-based traffic comes from search engines.

We’ll help you structure your catalog to win search results. We offer the best eCommerce catalog structure in the business.

With Algopix, you can make it easy for customers to find your products. What’s more, you can make sure that every product that you list offers complete information.

Increase the Value of Your Customers

By partnering with Algopix, you’ll make it easy for your customers to discover your offerings. With Algopix, you’ll win the search box, keep them shopping and win more orders.

However, there are ways to improve your marketplace performance beyond ranking high in search results. For instance, we’ll show you how to group the best similar listings.

What’s more, you can keep customers shopping after they found their desired result in your store. We’ll also show you how to present high-demand products first in your marketplace.

Furthermore, we’ll help you to price your goods at the right price. With our insights into competitive pricing across marketplace channels, you can stay ahead of the competition.

By leveraging our technology, you can increase your wins by up to 19%. You’ll also enjoy an increase in total sessions.

In addition, you’ll witness more sessions with product page views. Furthermore, you’ll see more items added to consumers’ shopping carts.

More importantly, you’ll see more sessions close with a transaction. In turn, you’ll watch your revenue grow.

Algopix is the key to learning how to increase customer loyalty in a marketplace with seemingly unlimited customer choices.

Teaming up to Expand in Your Marketplace

Algopix empowers you to enhance your catalog. Firstly, our clients maintain over 98% Global Trade Item Number accuracy.

We’ll also help you to enhance your catalog data with accurate descriptions and attributes. Furthermore, you’ll have access to better UPC, EAN and ASIN data.

You’ll also learn how to present your high-demand products first. Furthermore, you can do so with competitive pricing. You can also use our platform to evaluate multiple sales channels.

We’ll also provide you with access to in-depth competitor analysis. You can even find out how many sellers offer the same product, Buy Box price and other competitive intelligence.

With Algopix, you can maximize your growth and competitiveness. We offer best-in-class product enhancement. We also deliver best-in-class channel insights.

Also, we can help you to simplify the process of maintaining accurate SKU-level data. We’ll also provide you with a wealth of brand-level intelligence. What’s more, we’ll give you category-level insights that are only available using our technology.

Algopix is your source for accurate and competitive product identification. We also provide in-depth price and demand analysis. With Algopix, you can take your eCommerce business to the next level.

The Numbers Behind the Algopix Process

Again, 40% of eCommerce traffic comes from search engines. With Algopix, you can boost your search engine traffic by 20%.

Winning more organic traffic alone can result in an 8% increase in sales. However, you’ll also notice a 5% increase in sessions with more engaging product views, which can give you another 5% bump in sales.

Finally, more customers will add goods to their carts, resulting in another 5% increase. Together, these improvements can result in up to a 19% increase in transactions.

Furthermore, we provide the assistance that you need to make the most of our platform. For example, we offer 24 hours, seven days a week support.

You can contact customer service by phone, email or chat. You’ll also have access to a dedicated account manager.

When you partner with Algopix, you can also take advantage of our comprehensive sales forecasts. We can also help you to qualify for funding and access better terms.

These are just a few of the professional services you can access when you partner with Algopix. We can help you with everything from consultation to project management.

We can even help you with technology integration in the marketplace. Together, we can help your business grow.

Your Partner in Better eCommerce Management

Now you know more about product catalog management. You’ve also learned more about Algopix.

We’ve served the needs of eCommerce retailers since 2015. Algopix automates the process of product catalog management with a powerful, sophisticated algorithm. Today, we continue to help retailers overcome the daily challenges of market research.

We offer a comprehensive research platform. It enables eCommerce retailers to sell with confidence.

With Algopix, you’ll get automatic access to real product insights. Resultantly, you’ll save time and become empowered to make more informed decisions.

Connect with us online to learn more about our robust eCommerce management platform.



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