Agnieszka Stec (student at Le Wagon), and Joanna Gaudyn (founder of Le Wagon Norway) on stage during the Demo Day of the batch #299 of Le Wagon. Photo by: Startup Norway / Benedicte Tandsæther-Andersen

Le Wagon Demo Day, batch #299: — The Le Wagon Coding Bootcamp helps you with a career change

— The tech world is everywhere, so you have to know it, says Agnieszka Stec, one of the students.

When the author of this article was a young girl, she thought the tech world was some mysterious (and most notably: quite scary) category of things that somehow worked, without there being any explanation as to why they worked. But as the irony of life would have it, the very same person now deep-dives into tech — to explain why these devices and services work.

However, the mystery of tech still lingers for many outside the startup communities. So what is the secret to many of the tech devices we surround ourselves with? What makes up the DNA of the software we rely on everyday working? The answer is as simple as it is mysterious: code. At Le Wagon, they take it upon themselves to unveil the (once mysterious) world of coding, teaching the participants of each batch how to code websites, apps and other services.

On Friday, after nine weeks of learning to code, the students of the Le Wagon’s batch #299 were ready to show off their web applications. The event was hosted at Startup Campus. The students have spent 10 days prior to the Demo Day applying their new knowledge and creating their innovative tech solutions. They’ve worked in three teams: Yield, Travlr, and Budbee.

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From literature to coding

Agnieszka Stec, who has worked with Social Media and Community at Le Wagon for the last couple of months, has joined the last batch as a student. She was one of the three members of the Yield team. They created a budgeting app that allows users to get better control and overview of their finances.

Stec hasn’t yet figured out what she wants to work with now that the program is through, but says she hopes her new career will be something within the field of tech.

I was not sure where I’d like my career to go. I studied literature and the Italian language and for the past couple of years I’ve worked at a restaurant. I was getting tired, and as time passed I realised that I knew nothing about the tech world. But the tech world is everywhere, so you have to know it. I dug into it to check out the opportunities. After having worked at Le Wagon for a while, I decided to join the bootcamp myself as a student. It’s been an amazing experience — being a part of it and learning so much.

She underlines that this bootcamp definitely isn’t the end, but rather the beginning of her journey, as in tech things evolve every day and you need to keep on learning to stay up to date. She says the program can offer you great opportunities.

I would say that everyone who is unsure of where to proceed with their career but has some interest in tech should consider joining this program. Le Wagon helps you with a career change and provides a solid foundation of your knowledge.

Handan Zhang presenting Budbee. Photo by: Startup Norway / Benedicte Tandsæther-Andersen

Anyone can code

Stec says Le Wagon differentiates itself from many other coding schools by tailoring its curriculum to people who have little to no prior experience with tech. It has become one of Le Wagon’s keys to success, and Stec references her own work experience when talking about this.

In Le Wagon you can meet people who have worked as hairdressers, waiters or fishermen, but also those who graduated in computer science or have worked as engineers for many years. The students come from all walks of life. No prior experience with tech is necessary, so everyone can apply.

Le Wagon brings diversity to the ecosystem of startups and innovation. Not only in terms of gender or ethnicity, but interests, studies and professional experience. This also means more perspectives and ideas.

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Jostein Hamre, very focused as he is looking at his computer screen a few days before the Demo Day. Photo by: Le Wagon Norway

From video technician to junior developer

Jostein Hamre was also a part of the Yield team. It was the idea he proposed during the batch’s pitch night. He has been considering pursuing the world of tech for some time, and he says it has always been in the back of his mind as an alternative to his former career path.

I have been working as a video technician in the field of events for quite a few years. After some time, I realised how long my workdays were. I wanted something more regular, and I’ve always thought of coding as an interesting field to explore further. After the bootcamp I’d like to work as a developer.

Hamre has been a user of budgeting apps himself for a long time.

I usually think they’re either too automated or too manual — and I saw the need for a middle ground. The app we built brings in the best of both ends of the spectrum. A lot of the functionalities in the app are automated. But we’ve left a lot of freedom to the user. This way we can provide a different user experience.

Hamre also believes that to get the most out of the bootcamp, it is necessary to keep on coding. He adds that even though the course is for everybody, coming prepared can be an advantage. The more you know upfront, the smoother the journey ahead.

With every passing year — and every Demo Day of Le Wagon students — one thing becomes more and more clear: Coding is for everybody, all it takes is time and effort and you can become a part of the tech world.

Petter Rød Gulliksen presenting Travlr. Photo by: Startup Norway / Benedicte Tandsæther-Andersen

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Supporting the startup ecosystem since 2011 with support services like AngelChallenge and Startup Extreme.

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