The companies that participate in the FFS Creative Industries program of Spring 2020, and who also are joining in on the Meet the Startups event at 657 Oslo.

Investors! Meet 12 creative startups of Norway

The creative industries are among the fastest growing in the world — here are 12 creative startups working to make their mark on the future.

What: the Meet the Creative Startups event.

Where: 657 Oslo.

When: Thursday, February 13th — at 4:30pm.


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What do you think of when you hear the expression “creative industries”? Do you think about art, or do you think about abilities that have been essential not only in human evolution, but also in technological evolution? Creativity has been informing every aspect of our lives ever since our ancestors began understanding the concept of ‘tools’, and how these could be used for a purpose.

Thousands of years later, creativity is now a wide spectrum of not only kids’ drawings on the fridge door, but also professional art and music, and companies that are aiming to bring us new learning experiences, cultural value, and just make our lives more convenient. Today, the creative industries are among the fastest growing industries out there, and they consist of many sub-categories: There are industries specifically targeting gaming, learning, interior design, art experiences, and many other aspects of modern life.

During Spring 2020, 657 Oslo is the location of the Fundraising For Startups program for Creative Industries, and also the location of the Meet the Creative Startups event. The program and event are organised in collaboration with Angel Challenge and Innovation Norway, all of which are working to build a stronger ecosystem for creative startups.

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The startups you’ll meet

You are probably wondering which startups are you going to meet at the Meet the Creative Startups event — and you will find your answer below. These startups are all participants in the Fundraising For Startups program for Creative Industries. Together with Innovation Norway and 657 Oslo, Angel Challenge has been working with 12 creative companies from all over Norway — helping them on the following domains: Developing their business plans and strategies to set their company for growth, prepare for the due diligence process and deal negotiation, as well as train their communication skills towards investors and stakeholders.

Below, you can read a presentation of the startups you will meet at the event.

The startups of Fundraising For Startups for Spring 2020, together with 657 Oslo’s Camilla Watz Johannessen, Innovation Norway’s Margit Klingen Daams, and Angel Challenge’s Even Ifar Fossland and Bjørn Christensen. Photo by: Startup Norway / Benedicte Tandsæther-Andersen


The place that makes the real world magical, while providing the ever-growing virtual world with quality content.

Website here.


Romly captures, optimizes, maintains, and distributes spatial real estate data. Accurate building information and workable spatial datasets shape the foundation of tomorrow’s real estate technology. Romly bridge the gap between old analogue buildings and new digital services with their unique Spatial Real Estate Data-as-a-Service solution.

Website here.


An app-based game in sync with real life: Now you can play the music manager of artists participating in the real Melodi Grand Prix (MGP) in Norway. The game will end once the real-life competition has ended.

Website here.

Anniken Fjelberg, one of the founders of 657 Oslo. Photo by: Startup Norway / Benedicte Tandsæther-Andersen

Miksapix Interactive

Through digital competence, new technology, and Sami culture, Miksapix are developing products that will create values, synergies, and insight. The production company have specialised themselves in developing apps and games — and sell a broad spectrum of digital products and services, and are focusing on making use of new technology — as well as creating good user experiences that take place in the borderland between art, technology, and design.

Website here.


In KapOow, they strive to develop innovative entertainment concepts for the next generation media consumers. They make every effort to break new ground by developing concepts that combine new technology with our passion for storytelling. This involves continuously observing the younger generations and their media habits.

Their goal is to make concepts that give you a highly modern and engaging experience. KapOow are proud to be collaborating with highly skilful scientists: In order to make entertainment for the next generation, that is an absolutely necessary alliance to make.

Website here.


Spotify for art. Kreoz exist to bring art to everyday life, transforming the way it is accessed, shared, and enjoyed. The company aspires to democratise art, giving emerging artists the ability to share their work with the world.

Website here.


Pazzing develops a new world of gaming experiences with innovative use of augmented reality (AR) — a world where gaming and collaboration is at the heart of the experience. It is a gaming experience designed to socialise and connect.

Website here.

Kristiania Design

A tactile reflection of original art: Kristiania Design gathers famous and classical motives from the art and design history, and ‘translates’ it to new expressions. The company uses original art as a basis for their products, in cooperation with selected art houses and museums. Using the artworks, old design is interpreted in new ways . This happens in a personal and creative collaboration with the artists behind each piece.

Website here.

New Movements

Accelerate the world’s transition to circular and transparent products: New Movements is a Norwegian-based lifestyle brand, established in 2018 by third generation shoemaker Martin Evensen. New Movements design carefully curated items, that embody the values and sensibilities of the urban Scandinavian mind. New Movements collections are curated with new releases two times per year.

By cleaning up the ocean and empower circular and transparent production, New Movements are dedicated to design collections that are made to last and leave no trace. Designed in Norway and handmade with great care in Portugal, using only the finest European materials.

Website here.

Oslo Unbranded

Oslo Unbranded is a clothing concept specialising in shirts and embroidery, enabling personalisation and opting for transparency and longevity. In Oslo Unbranded, they believe that it is not the clothes alone that make a statement. Real and interesting expressions are rather made by the person — but with the help of the attire. Because with all our individuality and uniqueness, each and every one of us would make a pretty interesting brand.

Website here.

The founders of Oslo Unbranded, present at Fundraising For Startups for Creative Industries. Photo by: Startup Norway / Benedicte Tandsæther-Andersen

Turbo Tape Games

Turbo Tape Games develop fun and engaging games and interactive exhibits by combining their passion for technology, games and education in their quest to create inspirational and immersive experiences. Turbo Tape Games exhibits are designed for collaboration, and foster discussions and inspiration.

Website here.


Loeding is a Norwegian game development startup that aims to create immersive cinematic indie experiences, using the latest technologies and innovative approaches.

Website here.

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Benedicte H. Tandsæther-Andersen

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Content Creator of Startup Norway (Angel Challenge and Startup Extreme). Email: benedicte @ angelchallenge . com

Startup Norway

Supporting the startup ecosystem since 2011 with support services like AngelChallenge and Startup Extreme.

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