Norway Demo Day by Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government’s most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry. At Startup Extreme they will showcase 12 of Norway’s brightest startups in front of an international audience.

Bjørn Lapakko
Jun 7, 2019 · 2 min read

Host: Pål T. Naess

Currently, Pål is the Director of Entrepreneurs and Startups at Innovation Norway and a member of their top-level management team. He is responsible for all products and services available for startups and early growth companies including financing (grants, loans, seed funds), competence programs, and networks. He is also in charge of IPR services and Innovation Norway’s work with the creative industry.

Startup Extreme is an extremely interesting meeting place for startups, scaleups, investors, partners, customers, and journalists. Getting to spend time with each other, expanding your network and doing activities out of the ordinary is exactly what many entrepreneurs need to get to the next stage. — Pål T. Naess

Demo Day Participants:

Arveng Technologies
Intention capture through understanding human motion.

Evoy’s vision is to eliminate boating emissions through turnkey electric propulsion systems designed for fast boats.

Fonn is a user-friendly site management tool for the construction industry. We are now scaling for international growth, with signed clients in both the US and the UK.

Friskus is a platform that makes it easier to find activities and contribute as a volunteer in your local community.

JET Seafood is a B2B marketplace for seafood. Our platform will cut cost, save time and reduce the counterparty risk for both buyers and sellers.

Monetor helps clients control currency risk through automation. We remove economic waste for our clients and protect the profit margins of companies with currency exposure.

Automated retinal diagnostics for early screening of diabetic eye disease through the use of artificial intelligence.

ONiO is developing innovative healthcare products by tailoring smart sensor and radio technology into solutions not requiring a battery, changing the way we record and utilize data in healthcare.

Payr is a payment app and subscription management service using psychometrics and AI to match consumer spending with better-suited service providers.

We are reviving the successful aspects of the old jukebox into more social and digital experience designed to be used at home or in any social setting where music is played. With Requestify everyone can easily add and vote
on songs.

Powered by robust measurement models rooted in 15 years of research, Technebies assesses software engineering skills and predicts job performance. We help the entire ecosystem by expanding talent pools, democratizing opportunities and identifying skill gaps.

Up Norway
Up Norway creates the perfect match between modern luxury travelers and unique experience providers on their two-sided tech platform.

Startup Norway

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