Pitch Party going up, on a Tuesday!

Buckle up!!! Attendees at Startup Extreme will share their stories in a rapid-fire format organized by AngelChallenge on June 25th.

Bjørn Lapakko
Jun 11, 2019 · 4 min read

Get to know the up-and-coming companies who will get on stage and be put to the test and pitch (2 minutes & 1 slide per pitch) in front of investors, members of the media, potential partners, and prospective employees.

Below is the order in which they will pitch so be sure if you are at Startup Extreme to, get to the Lounge area in time to watch.

As We Are Now

As We Are Now (AW:AN) is a modern lifestyle brand for women giving equal focus on effortless style, comfort, and sustainability.


HELP THE PLANET. FIGHT POVERTY. The global ecosystem for plastic waste recycling. By giving plastic waste a value, we are building a global ecosystem that fights both waste and poverty.


Helping retailers go paperless by digitizing all receipts, for a sustainable, greener, and easier future.


Playpulse turns exercise into a video game, making it more accessible and
fun for everyone. Play genuine games while getting in shape without thinking about it. Playpulse games are fun and provide maximal training output!


We are trying to build a new social video platform, competing in probably the world’s toughest market. That is why we are building VOED on two key principles — simplicity and reality oriented.

Totum Momentum

Totum Momentum AS — skaper systemer og løsninger til nytte for mennesker og organisasjoner som ønsker å ha det bra!

Hermandia Collection

Hermanni Vuorisalo is a Finnish designer creating unique, luxury, wooden bow ties from sustainably cut wood from all over the world with ethically chosen high-end fabrics.


After working in the tourism and adrenaline activity industry we noticed that there was a big need to capture great experiences and turn them into personal, engaging and entertaining videos. That’s when we began our journey to develop JoyTech.


Atelier gives art-interested access to the great diversity of quality art that is created in the artists’ workrooms. We allow artists to present their works and invite viewing and selling directly from their studio and application.


Unloc makes sharing keys as simple as sending a text message.


Tjommi will give you the money back on the items you have bought!


Bimsync by Catenda saves time, money and the environment. It is the next generation cloud-based collaboration platform where construction information comes alive. Based 100% on open standards.


Happier, healthier and more productive employees than ever before. BONUS: THE FOUNDERS (Lukas and Lars) ARE SX19 VOLUNTEERS!!!


Diwala builds a reliable ecosystem of decentralized skill-identities to create global job opportunities for youth and refugees.


We want to cure boredom in school with engaging kits based on the BBC micro:bit. Our flagship, the Air:bit, is the world´s first micro:bit drone. Everyone from 11 years can code, build and design what the drone should do and how it can solve future problems.

Tåsen Microgreens

Historien om Tåsen Microgreens startet under bakken, i kjelleren vår på Tåsen. Bedriften er tuftet på ideen om å ta i bruk ellers ugunstige lokaler til matproduksjon, for det finnes så mange lokaler i byen som enten brukes til lite bærekraftige formål som parkering eller lager, eller at de står tomme.


We are enabling corporations to found their own ventures! From the idea to the scalable business — a cross-border innovation platform.

Goliath Systemer

Bruk tiden på å skape verdier. La oss hjelpe deg å samle alt under en paraply som umiddelbart gir verdiskapning!


SMART BRAKE is the most advanced wireless brake technology for sports, mobility and light electric vehicles.

Alva Industries

We enhance electric motors and generators. High-performance electrical machines. For any application.

African Community & Conservation Foundation

Our mission is to contribute to the preservation of important African wilderness areas, as well as to empower the communities living alongside these spaces, contributing to a world in which people and wildlife live together, sustainably, forever. WORKSHOP AT SX19


We provide a huge amount of popular videos in a smart way to publishers so they can attract new users, grow viewership and successfully monetize the traffic.


Technebies — the authentic and brutally honest test to measure software engineering skills. We help the entire ecosystem by expanding talent pools, democratizing opportunities, identifying skill gaps and saving everyone’s time.


The marketplace for interior design.


Hooves is the first company to bring horses into the sharing economy.

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