Daro Navaratnam, the CEO and co-founder of Dintero.

Startup Campus founding partner Daro Navaratnam on the potential of a meeting place for innovation

Daro Navaratnam is joining Startup Campus as a founding partner with the hope of giving back to the community — and says that coming to the event space, he would like to learn more about scaling.

With the official opening of Startup Campus on October 31st, we do of course have both great ambitions for the future — and great things planned. And one of the ways in which we are set for a bright and continuously innovative future is through our founding partners.

Below, you can read about Daro Navaratnam — the CEO and co-founder of Dintero. He is one of our interviewees for our column — where we focus on founding partners and their journeys, and why they have decided on joining in on the Startup Campus.

I am a co-founder and CEO of Dintero — and it’s the second company I’ve founded. I have also founded dSAFE, which we sold in 2015. I work within fintech and retail, but mostly fintech. At Dintero we now work with building payment solutions with almost 50% lower price than some of our competitors. We also help our customers with loyalty programs, we they can sell more. We have a goal of becoming a serious competitor to Klarna and the other big players.

For me personally, this is all about giving something back to the startup community. I want to build it, and to be part of it.

Startup Campus is a combination of having a good arena for learning, where experienced entrepreneurs can help new startups — but people also need the opportunity to sometimes just isolate themselves and work. So Startup Campus will have to be an arena for learning: an arena where you’ll find “know-how” events, but you have to separate spaces for this. Some love it when there are many events, but not everyone is like that. So ideally, there should be space for work and event-based learning.

I want to learn more about scaling: It’s important, but also difficult. How should you scale, and when? And related to the topic of learning how to scale, there is of course the Startup Campus’ interest in bringing good people into the space. It could be partners, employees, and other professionals, but bringing in different types of knowledge is essential.

I think you’d do well if you invite the big companies, where they can tell you about their “pain points”. Who knows, maybe some of the startups can offer them relevant solutions? Or maybe they would be inspired to develop something? It could be an interesting exercise, as Startup Campus is a great arena for any company that would like to expand on their innovation.

I am not sure if I really have had one mentor — I’d say I have had many.

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Startup Norway

Supporting the startup ecosystem since 2011 with support services like AngelChallenge and Startup Extreme.

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