Eirik Rime from Tise. Photo by: Tise

Startup Campus founding partner Eirik Frøyland Rime on the importance of listening to feedback

Eirik Frøyland Rime started out as a coder of Tise, but is now a CEO who values the feedback coming from both users and employees.

With the official opening of Startup Campus on October 31st, we do of course have both great ambitions for the future — and great things planned. And one of the ways in which we are set for a bright and continuously innovative future is through our founding partners.

Below, you can read about Eirik Frøyland Rime — the CEO and Co-founder of Tise. He is one of the first interviewees in our column on founding partners, their journeys, and why they have decided on joining the Startup Campus as founding partners.

Eirik Frøyland Rime, CEO and Co-founder of Tise. Tise is now the largest marketplace for second-hand clothes in Norway, and has more than 800.000 registered users in Norway and internationally. When we started out, I mainly did programming, but as the years have passed, not many of my code lines are left. I am now grateful for having the privilege of leading a team of now nearly 30 hardworking, thoughtful, and inspiring people!

I figured the concept seemed good for the startup community, and I have a good impression of the initiators from earlier.

I believe it is very important to listen carefully to the needs of those renting a desk in order to become a truly great workspace. Also — try not to sacrifice quality over quantity. I believe that if we have the best workspace, we get the best startups/individuals, which again generates the best place for events etc.

Personally, I would love to learn more about the ‘green tech’ space. It would also be cool to be able to meet potential future hires here, at the Startup Campus.

I don’t know if I agree that it is generally underrated. I believe in fact that most people rate kindness very high. Some people don’t care at all, but I believe the few often get a stronger voice than the many when it comes to this. In our case, many people have helped us along the way; early stage investors, Innovation Norway and other founders have helped us with great advice and network for building our business. However, the most important help we’ve received is the help coming from our community of users. Thousands of kind comments, emails, reviews, and other positive feedback is a big part of what keeps the team going, and we wouldn’t have been anywhere without them.

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Startup Norway

Supporting the startup ecosystem since 2011 with support services like AngelChallenge and Startup Extreme.

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