Per-André Marum from Panamera IMD.

Startup Campus founding partner Per-André Marum on the difference a ‘nudge’ can make to your life

The headhunter Per-André Marum says being a founding partner in Startup Campus serves to keep him young, and with adequate skills.

With the official opening of Startup Campus on October 31st, we do of course have both great ambitions for the future — and great things planned. And one of the ways in which we are set for a bright and continuously innovative future is through our founding partners.

Below, you can read about Per-André Marum — a headhunter at Panamera IMD. He is one of the first interviewees in our column on founding partners, their journeys, and why they have decided on joining the Startup Campus as founding partners.

I am a headhunter, so I do recruiting for large and established companies, but also for startups. In recent years I have also made some smaller investments in startups, and I have also helped to build them up, earlier in my career. So I have experience being an entrepreneur, and I have been self-employed for 20 years. I feel I understand startups’ situations and know what it takes to build something, even though I’m not very involved in the entrepreneurial journey all the time.

I really believe in helping people. I am very keen on creating growth in Norway, but we should “bake the cake before we can share it”. If we don’t get innovation, nothing is going to happen at all. Being an entrepreneur is difficult and frustrating, but we need to help each other move forward with better solutions, so that we can have a better and more well-functioning society. So it’s all about the “pay it forward” ideal, and “pay it forward” is basically my work too: I know a lot of people because I do what I do. Helping young people who haven’t got as much network is one of the things I want to do, in addition to contributing with money.

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I believe Startup Campus will be a relevant meeting place as people want to come there, because they meet exciting people and get exciting experiences. Creating a community for networking is important, so you should focus on that.

It is exactly the same as on the previous question, really. And then there is this additional thing of age, so I look at being a founding partner of Startup Campus as an opportunity to keep myself young, with adequate skills.

I have been to two or three of Startup Campus’ events — and I think there is a very good range and quality to the topics and people. So going to your events has been time well spent, and I have a lot of enthusiasm for Startup Campus as a concept. I cannot say that I feel your events are lacking a particular type of people, or any specific industries.

Well, then we have to go back in time to when I was in secondary school. That was when one of my friends’ father became a mentor for me, and he helped me into a community where I developed my knowledge as a journalist and photographer. This has become a big part of my career. One of my other role models was a scout leader I had, and this person also hired me: In terms of communications, he was a role model.

One of my best friends has been a colleague of mine, and we have gone through the same course of study. We have helped each other in situations where it has been natural. I’m interested in something called nudging. Because you don’t always need to push through things, just a little nudge (a very small push) can also resolve things. In fact, I read Kapital while I was a student. Once I read an article that inspired me to such a degree that I decided I wanted to be like the people in the article. I had to get a lot of help along the way before I got to that point myself, but I would say I was nudged into it by Kapital.

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Supporting the startup ecosystem since 2011 with support services like AngelChallenge and Startup Extreme.

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