14 Startup Postmortems

Stories of failure and lessons learned

Ryan Hoover
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Product Hunt is a celebration of products but the reality is, most will fail. Lately there appears to be several public postmortems of founders sharing their failures.

I have tremendous respect for those that vulnerably share their mistakes and lessons learned. Although people, technologies, and markets change, we can learn from these stories.

Here is a collection of fantastic postmortems I’ve saved over the past several months:

  • Everpix — Out of the picture: why the world’s best photo startup is going out of business
  • Flud — Why Startups Fail: A Postmortem For Flud, The Social Newsreader
  • Sonar — Postmortem of a Venture-backed Startup
  • Plancast — The Uphill Battle Of Social Event Sharing: A Post-Mortem for Plancast
  • Flowtab — The Decline And Fall Of Flowtab, A Startup Story
  • Formspring — Formspring — A Postmortem
  • Wesabe — Why Wesabe Lost to Mint
  • Gowalla — Play by your own rules
  • EventVue — EventVue post-mortem
  • PlayCafe — 10 lessons from a failed startup
  • Untitled Partners — Lessons from a startup failure
  • Teamometer — Startup lessons learned from my failed startup
  • Outbox — Outbox is Shutting Down—A Note of Gratitude
  • Drawquest — Today my startup failed

Startup Postmortems

Startup failures and lessons learned

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    Startup Postmortems

    Startup failures and lessons learned