My first experience with Product Hunt is the most memorable day of the year!

To be honest, I’ve heard about Product Hunt before, but visited it like 10 times at most…

I knew it’s a great source for new ideas and products, but was too focused on development and most people in my circle, just don’t know about it. So, it was an interest of my own, at it’s early stages :)

Have I ever thought of being featured?

Well, I wished I had been, but at the same time thought FilePane’s not good enough + some other human doubts, we all experience at times.

In fact, tried contacting them like half a year ago and never heard back. I was totally OK with that, as deep inside I new the app was still not ready, moreover, they are, definitely, under an enormous pressure from that avalanche of mails received on a daily basis.

Having added some features and redesigned the UI, I decided to give it another shot.

Was not hoping for reply either. But, to my surprise, I heard a magic “Ding!” and a blue coloured “Inbox 1”.

Bram was the first to hunt FilePane and opened the door to this amazing world called Product Hunt!

They have the most outstanding, cheering, helpful and responsive team I’ve ever encountered!

Product Hunt rocks and here’s why:

  • I have received a massive feedback, feature requests from users all over the world and it was pure joy to connect with PH’s audience on the comment page.

Thank you all for sharing this moment with me and supporting the app with your kind words! Really appreciate it.

  • Website visits skyrocketed! I’ve been refreshing Google Analytics app like and idiot and could not believe my eyes :) Maybe, to someone 45–60 realtime users during the whole couple days is nothing, but to me this was emmmm.. O_O — unbelievable — is the word :) Before that I’ve had like 5–20 a day.
  • Trial download numbers were the highest, since it’s been available (earlier had up to 5 a day).

This, in particular, has been very important to me, as a developer:

1) While distributing in the Mac AppStore, you are not allowed to say, there’s a Trial available. I seem to understand why, but at the same time, think people should have an opportunity to try something before they purchase.

2) Thanks to the amazing DevMate by MacPaw, I’ve received some bug reports and will now polish up FilePane, to make it an excellent experience for every one. Some users have been of huge help in this regard, helping to test things and reading my boring instructions.

  • Your app will be cracked and placed on torrent trackers :)
It takes some proper skill, you know

Which should be considered a compliment, cause no one spends time hacking the thing, if not interested.

  • You’ll get the greatest inspiration boost, you’ve ever experienced!

If someone asked me:

What do you think of Product Hunt? What was your experience?

My immediate response would be:

This is … great, .. surprising, .. stunning, …awesome, …exciting …, epic! There’s a life of your product before and after Product Hunt.

There’s an exciting journey ahead and it’s only a beginning.

Product Hunt’s amazing team have shown me the way!

Thank You!


Should you feel like reading for another 3-5 min, here’s a brief intro to FilePane: Read more

FilePane on Product Hunt:

I’m available on Twitter, Facebook, E-mail and will gladly reply to yours :)

Keep developing and creating, keep enjoying life and don’t you ever give up!

“If not now, then when else to try?” — is the question I ask myself all the time. So, get yourself together and JUST DO IT! (not by Nike, but that bearded guy)

Cheers and good luck!


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