Why Frontback is the new Instagram!

FOUR reasons I think Frontback is the next killer app!

Frontback is the latest sensation in the extremely crowded photo-sharing world. For the uninitiated, Frontback is an app that allows you to take a picture with your iPhones front and back camera and allows you to create a story with it.

It is in the similar league of apps like Vine or Instagram, which give you a certain constraint on the type of content you can upload. Then the creativity of the users makes this constraint even more engaging to play around with!

But, I’m here to tell you that FrontBack is the next Instagram!

Why? Well, here are some reasons I think they’re awesome.

Front Camera Meets The Back

My Frontback on new years!

Kevin Systrom’s Instagram found a really fun and engaging use of the back camera which Apple had just near-perfected those days on the iPhone.

Likewise, F. della Faille’s FrontBack has mashed up the front camera (which has surprisingly high quality on the iPhone now) with the back and has created something revolutionary!

This helps users like me find awesome ways to tell my tiny story each day!

What’s more, I get to be featured in my story!

Flawless Camera Interface

I must say, Frontback has really got the camera user experience figured out well! It shows a preview of the first image you took and lets you adjust the second pic so you have an awesome mashup image of the two together.

Plus, you get a preview of the same real-time!

Also, I just love the new camera switching gestures!

Awesome Home Feed

The home feed is a really valuable feature these guys have built and maintained!

It not only lets you deep-dive into stories other users are creating but also teaching newbie users on what’s possible with FrontBack!

Kudos to the community managers for picking coolest images on Frontback!

Sheer User Creativity

See it for yourself!

A typical user on Frontback.

Besides, these guys have already proven their mettle by growing organically to a huge active userbase!

Why do I have a feeling that when these guys grow as big as Instagram soon, I’m gonna point at this blog and say,

Aha! I told you so!

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