Why haven’t you reached Amazing yet ?

I am not going to beat around the bush and would directly say the reason.

You did not give it All !

Yes you haven’t invested everything that you have.

Yes ! Analyse every successful individual in their domains and you will discover the fact that they have invested everything they had to reach there.They invested their time,their skills,their money ,their soul and what not !

Successful people are not perfect individuals rather they are amazing individuals.They know the in’s & out of their fields and thus can spot trends to create a long lasting impact.They can identify the similar passionate people who can help them to do things that are extraordinary.

Take for example the rise of Bill Gates.Yes he dropped out of college to pursue his entrepreneurial passions.But even after dropping out and giving full time to Microsoft,he had not made a big enough impact. Microsoft was lagging behind other existing Operating systems like Solaris on many parameters.It took years for Microsoft to perfect their Operating System and build a product that every PC manufacturer wanted to incorporate into theirs.Here , the more longer he stayed in the domain, the better it was for Microsoft to capitalise his experience in the domain and emerge out as a successful behemoth.

It’s a journey to being something we wish to become and it only ends when you die.Until then you have to create impacts going forward, sometimes small & sometimes large.You are only recognised for the work you do and the impact you made on this earth.

Most of the individuals would not even try to think of achieving this milestone because they are content.Content with what they have.

Remember,had the humans been content with what they had we would have still lived in caves.

All the major inventions or discoveries done by humans were inspired by the desire to create a larger impact around themselves.Sometimes they did it by accident but the important thing is they were continuously trying.

Many Nobel laureates discovered unusual equations, facts accidentally through experiments. The scientists behind the Big Bang theory were chasing the origin of a small sound that was disturbing their experiment environment.So how come other individuals failed to spot the same noise or to go further why did’nt any other scientist discover it.Because they kept pursuing and went to the bottom of the information.The sound must had troubled other scientists too but they failed to dig deeper.Therefore we need to cultivate this habit into ourselves where we continuously question the facts that are in placed in front of us.Analyse them and try to absorb more information about it and thus gain more and this gain could be in any aspect.Maybe knowledge,money,expertise or anything.Remember,

The best way to predict the future is to create it .

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