How to permanently delete Siri from Macbook Touch Bar forever.

The new Macbook Pro 15" is a fantastic machine, so much so that I’ve even made a video about it. However, it has one serious downside — Siri. Although sold as an all-around assistant, it is more of an annoying feature that gets in the way, and on the laptop with a touchbar it really-really-really gets in the way. I’ve tried to train my mind to consciously avoiding hitting that edge of the screen, but I still accidentally turn Siri on at least a few times a day. Turns out, there’s a solution!

Steps to make Siri go away forever 
(watch the video below if you need more guidance):

1) Click Apple Icon in top left corner of your screen
2) Click System Preferences
3) Click Keyboard
4) Click “Customize Control Strip” (so no more calling it touch bar?)
5) Use your mouse to drag Siri from Touch Bar out onto the screen.

She is now gone, completely gone. No more accidentally pressing Siri only to scramble to make her go away.

Alright, I gotta admin though, it was really cool how you can actually drag things to and from the touchbar using your mouse as if this control strip is just an external display.

Oooohhhh shait! So it is just an external display! Does it mean we should in theory be able to extend an iPad to be a fully external display via some natively supported interface? Do we have Apple geeks here to answer this question?

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