Playing the long game.

Overlooking Mt. Potential.

If your company isn’t growing and you can’t seem to find the way out, should you shut it down, or keep on going? This took me a while to realize and I wish someone had told me there and then, but good things take time.

A number of founders who sold or shut down their companies have told me that months after their “exit”, once the daily grind was over, their minds cooled down and started to wonder, seeing new patterns and opportunities.

In the case of Scoutzie, the on-demand creative labor was a tough market to be in and we weren’t making enough profit to sustain ourselves, with no real hockey-stick growth in sight.

With enough funding and patience, we could have tried them all, and increased our chances. It just never occurred to raise money to keep on trying, as opposed to raising for growth.

Different times call for different actions, but if your company is on a verge of something, consider that playing a long game is the best option. You never know what the next turn brings.

My 2c.

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