Why Amazon will actually be the first trillion dollar company in 10 years.

Have you tried the Amazon Fire TV Stick yet? I don’t even have a TV at home, but a buddy who works at Amazon kept telling me about it and I finally decided to try. It is amazing! The TV Stick pretty much summarizers the future of Amazon and shows how quality and quantity can co-exist and dominate. Let me explain.

For only $39 dollars, the stick can play movies, play music, has games, and is voice controlled. It came in a beautiful minimal package, just the things you need and a quick setup guide. I plugged it into a TV, entered the WIFI password and that was it. That’s it, I didn’t need to enter any more account passwords, no setup, no favorites or preferences, or downloads of software updates.


Amazon already connected the stick to my Amazon account and loaded all the history so that my initial user-expereince was a blast!

Up until now only Apple has been able to deliver beautiful products that “just work,” and they did it for a really high sticker price. Google can ship decent products that target a mass market, but they are not amazing at all. Meanwhile, Amazon has figured out how to create great products for mass market at a price that you just can’t say no to.

This tiny little device puts Amazon into every house, enabling instant buying of everything from diapers to sports cars, to music and videos and anything else that team Amazon will invent in the future. They are a marketplace now, but in 10 years you will use an Amazon computer***, an Amazon dishwasher, and maybe even a car. It’s going to be great.

iPhone may have been a groundbreaking device 10 years ago, but Amazon is gearing up to 10x that and then some. Wow!

p.s. My Amazon friend says the stick is awesome, but it’s just a ted slow. Get the stick for your grandparents or for your guest room, but for your primary TV go with the Fire TV itself (link below). Double the price, double the pleasure.

p.s. Want to know how to get your Amazon products even when they are out of stock?

*** Hint: Fire TV Stick _IS_ the computer, Alexa voice control is the interface, and your TV is a display. Amazon is making the smart bit and is letting everyone else take care of the bulky components.