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Letter sent on Feb 27

I just raised $500K from international investors, Ask Me Anything! (AMA Bobkevin Shoo, Founder & CEO, Bludesk)

I just raised $500K from international investors, Ask Me Anything! (AMA Bobkevin Shoo, Founder & CEO, Bludesk)

AMA tomorrow at 9am PT (How he raised money from international investors for Bludesk).



We at Rushline will be testing our unique concept of anonymity with the AMA model and would love your feedback.

Two ways to participate:

1. Add yourself to the AMA to see the names of other participants. You must do this before the AMA ends.

Link: http://bit.ly/2kKkPCY

2. Participate as an anonymous guest. You won’t see names of participants who joined the AMA. Ask questions anonymously, after registering and validating a cell phone number (currently US only). This view will remain available after the AMA completes.

Link: https://rl.cc/s/Ms/0x58a

Let me know if you have any questions.


I just raised $500K from international investors, Ask Me Anything!

Bobkevin Shoo from Bludesk will be answering questions about how he raised seed funding for his startup internationally, what it’s like using American tools to build and African startup, and more.


Host: Bobkevin Shoo, Founder & CEO, Bludesk

Scheduled date: Tuesday, February 28th at 9am PT

In association with: Startup Study Group

Submit your questions in advance or anytime during the live AMA, by replying below.

About Bludesk

Bludesk is a social job portal that connects people to the right jobs and recruiters to the right talent. Employers can engage candidates and conduct virtual interviews and shortlist applicants directly from the app.

We’ve been beta testing for over 5 months (via web), which resulted in a unanimous cry for an app. We’re targeting Tanzania with plans to reach East Africa (neighbouring Kenya and Uganda) in a year. Then Central Africa in 2 years.

Fun Fact: Like Airbnb, we’ve launched/re-launched a lot (5 times). We have a prototype of our app on Android and we’re now in the final stages of development. We’re two months away from a final product and 1st app launch. — Bobkevin.

What I’d like to talk about:

1 Pitching and raising funds from international investors: what they look for in a company and what to expect in terms of their involvement in your startup.

2 Bludesk’s role in Tanzania’s HR industry: how it will impact businesses and active job seekers.

3 Using American tools to create an African startup.

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