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Letter sent on Sep 27, 2017

Testing New SSG AMA Using Brian Alvey’s Clipisode!

#clipisode #brianalveyama

Check out our new experiment for SSG AMA https://clipisode.co/watch/79fa5d

c @brianalvey on ssgslack.

SSG member, Brian Alvey, is on Wikipedia! Check out this twitter thread and join us in the convo, provide feedback, and share with others please.


Summary of AMA:


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https://twitter.com/charlesjo/status/904750135267155968 :boat: :boat: :boat:

#startupjobs I may have more job leads for those searching for new gigs at startups. Email me at charles@startupstudygroup.com

#startuptv Any other fans of startup podcasts? Do you tweet or blog about it? If so, join us in the channel and check out https://www.kanvz.com/ssgslack/gallery/1504984181509 and feed https://www.kanvz.com/ssgslack/canvas/1504985485278

❤ @charlesjo Make it a great 2017 for you and your communities!

#StartupBios https://www.kanvz.com/ssgslack/post/1504029829343

#StartupStudyGroup http://ssgslack.com/canvas/1458614034013

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