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Sep 6, 2020 · 3 min read

Interview with Elisa Tarzia, Head of Marketing & Partnerships at a Portuguese Startup BRIDGE IN

Interview with Elisa Tarzia, Head of Marketing & Partnerships at a Portuguese Startup BRIDGE IN

BRIDGE IN helps companies set-up their tech hub and hire talent in
Portugal. Their goal is to serve as the operating system for distributed teams.

Elisa has headed up marketing & partnerships at BRIDGE IN for the past three months.

How did you get into the marketing profession?

I have always worked in events, and when you organize large conferences, much of the work is marketing-related. There is a lot of content writing involved, as well as partnerships, affiliate programs, social media campaigns, lead generation, etc. If you are wondering whether I studied it, yes, I did. But by myself, I don’t have a formal education in marketing — I graduated in Sociology of Communications and then took two masters in International Relations and Visual Anthropology.

My education gave me a holistic approach that I feel is missing in many marketing professionals — people tend to specialize a lot and lose sight of a long-term strategy.

What are some of the jobs/ experiences you had prior to working for Bridge In that prepared you for your current role?

Trying to launch my own agency was definitely one of them. I haven’t given up the idea yet, but I understood that I needed to gather additional experience, especially in inbound. Additionally, as I mentioned before, working in events gives you the opportunity to get your hands dirty in every aspect of marketing, from content creation to automation. It literally gives you the big picture of what you can do to engage audiences and what the most efficient tools are.

What are the primary channels you use to reach customers?

The channels I currently use are very much budget-related. The Startup I work with is very early stage and trying to bootstrap, so there is basically no budget for marketing. This means I focus my efforts on email marketing (we use Hubspot), on our blog, with quality and informative content, Twitter and Linkedin profiles, gated content on our website, and partnerships.

I evaluate the effectiveness of each channel by measuring its viral potential. For example, the blog has proven to be an effective way to generate brand awareness: we host it on our website and Medium. Many of my posts have been selected for distribution on the platform and featured in some publications. Also, with local and international ecosystem partnerships, we can get that content way beyond the audience we have built organically.

How do you use your company’s social media profiles?

Our target audiences are outside of our country, mostly located in the US and UK. So for us, Twitter is an essential tool. We don’t have a large audience there — working on it! — but the engagement and reach are impressive because of the partnerships we built.

Linkedin is also fundamental, in this case, for lead gen. We use a tool called Duxsoup, a LinkedIn Automation tool that makes it easy to connect and engage with your prospects. It doesn’t cost much and saves you a lot of time. Linkedin is also where we share a lot of insightful content, not always our own.

In both platforms, I try to use quotes a lot to tag and engage with other people and therefore maximize my reach.

What marketing technology platforms are you using or have you used in the past that you would recommend to other marketers?

Selecting a must-have platform depends a lot on your company’s business model. B2C tools are not the same as B2B tools so it’s a bit difficult to give an absolute recommendation. For B2B, which is my case, I am a Hubspot lover. Together with Zapier, it can do a lot.

Do you have a book, YouTube channel, or podcast you recommend to other marketers?

An excellent podcast is Marketing Over Coffee, very casual and conversational. Another interesting virtual place for marketers is the community Backlinks on Slack, where you can trade backlinks for your website, likes, and/or shares for your blog posts and social media updates.

What is the best way for people to learn about your company and find you online?

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