Best online tools for startups

Last time we talked about online tools for startups like: Dropbox, ToutApp, Brand24, Pexels and MailChimp. Hopefully, you have already started using some (if not all) of them. On the list below, we will try to give you even more useful propositions of tools, that might come in handy while managing a business.

LogMeIn — Nowadays more and more people possess laptops, tablets etc. Why? They have to be able to use their software anytime and anywhere. Sometimes it’s not easy, sometimes it’s simply impossible. LogMeIn is a great tool, that allows you to securely and remotely access your computer’s files and apps from anywhere while doing so, it gives you full tech support. After free trial, you will have to choose between: Pro for individuals (99$/year), Pro for power users (249$/year) and Pro for small businesses (449$/year).

InVision — Trying to find a good, useful wire-framing app is not always easy, therefore we decided to introduce you to one of the tools we ourselves use — InVision. It allows you to upload any app designs and create interactions, communicate your work to other team members, send designs via SMS and so on. It’s free at start, while you are working on 1 project. Later you might have to choose between: Starter (15$/month, 3 projects, and 15$ to get started), Professional (25$/month, unlimited projects, and 25$ to get started) or a Team version (100/month, unlimited projects and 100$ to get started).

Base CRM — If you are managing a business, you probably already use some ‘sales tools’. What we would like to recommend is Base CRM. This tool gives you a chance, to successfully manage customers, track and accelerate sales and much more. After free trial you will have to choose one of the following options: Starter(25$/month), Professional(75$/month) and Enterprise (125$/month).

If you know any other useful online tools, please link them in the comments section. More in the ‘The best online tools for startups — part II’.

Article by Piotr Maksymowicz — Appformation