Bakersfield Vintage v 1.0

Hey guys!

My name is Chris Ferrill and I’ve created

I would like to share one of my recent products I developed in under 3 hours called Bakersfield Vintage.

One of the reasons Id like to share my story is so that you can get an idea of how quickly you can take a problem, develop a solution, and launch the product to market.

It all started one day when I was in the antique store my girlfriend currently has a booth at and was wondering how I could bring more foot traffic into the store and generate more business for all of the vendors. I thought to my self what if I could make it to where each vendor could take photos of their vintage & collectible goods and put them out in front of the masses to see.

My brain quickly ran through a couple of scenarios of how the web app could function and then I finally came up with one solution that sounded like it could actually work.

Before I wrote even a single line of code, I walked around to each vendor who was currently in the store and asked them if they’d be interested in using my product as if I had already created this awesome web app.

I immediately had lots of great feedback and customers ready to give me their credit cards. The only thing was, I had no product and as far as they knew it was ready to go. I quickly jumped into my car and headed home to get started.

Once I sat down at my dinner table, I started googling and came up with a few solutions to making the perfect product. I have some experience using Wordpress so that was my starting point.

One of the first things I did was setup Wordpress on my server and then installed a theme I had downloaded a few months ago that was very minimal and quick to configure. The theme had about 4–5 options which consists of an area to upload my logo and add my social links.

I then added an enhanced search feature which was a plugin that would let me search specifics and exclude the content I did not want searchable. This step took the longest because I wanted to make sure I was providing the best content to the users when they searched for what they wanted.

The third step which was a difficult one for me was how I was going to get the vendors photos, information and booth location into my site and make it searchable. Lucky my awesome friend Google was there for me and I came up with a potential solution. My solution was to use Instagram which almost everyone has on their phone and auto import the users photos into my site and use their hashtags as the searchable index. As far as the vendors location, when they uploaded their photo it asks for their location which is built into Instagram and I made it to where it uploads to my site telling the buyer which antique store the item is located in.

I wanted to keep my costs to a minimum so I did everything I could to not spend a dime.

Here is how I did it:

Installed Wordpress on my shared server.

Total Cost: $0

Used a theme I downloaded months ago when it was a FREE download.

Total Cost: $0

Instagram Importer Plugin.

Total Cost: $0

Social share plugin.

Total Cost: $0

Enhanced site search plugin.

Total cost: $22

The next feature I am working on is creating profiles for the users so that they can manage their items that have sold. This also includes removing the items from the search so that only the newest content will be generated.

I would love your feedback so please feel free to leave me a comment. Thanks for reading!