Columbus Startup Week Kicks off on Monday

Columbus Startup Week is a five day celebration of your community. Join us next week in a new type of conference that builds momentum and opportunity around entrepreneurship, led by entrepreneurs and hosted in the entrepreneurial spaces you love. Columbus Startup Week is a reflection of your hard work and your community’s unique entrepreneurial identity. Starting Monday, 10+free events will take place each day covering a range of topics, many specific to the Columbus area including: business, design, fashion & retail, food & beverage, and industry. The week also includes free networking opportunities, panel discussions, and other great ways to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs in your community.

As we know, food and beverage is a huge business here in Columbus, we’re the home of Bob Evans, Wendy’s, and White Castle. Our city has also been a big player in the creation of the franchise model, and restaurants are a big part of our community. Fashion & Retail is also a contender, Big Lots, Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie, and Express were all founded here. Behind NYC and LA, Columbus employs the third most retail-related jobs in the country. Industry is also a big player here in Columbus, we produce many advanced materials, the biggest being polymers.

A couple events you shouldn’t miss:

Monday’s keynote: Startups: A Journey like No Other with Jeff Wilkins, the co-founder of CompuServe Inc. and Metatec. CompuServe was one of the first companies in America to commercialize the Internet.

Columbus Clippers take on Charlotte Tuesday Night. It will be a great event to get outside, drink some beer, watch baseball, and meet new people involved in the Columbus startup community. There are only 150 free tickets available, they include food and drinks, so grab yours soon!

Although our startup community is farther along than it was five years ago, we’ve still got a lot of opportunities for growth next week! Don’t worry if you can’t make it to all the events, most participants will only go to 2–3 events throughout the week.

Start participating today by RSVPing for your favorite events and creating a profile on Be sure to bookmark the mobile web app on your smartphone so you can keep track of your schedule of events throughout the week. Look for Monday’s highlights, coming soon!

See you on Monday!