The 1 Minute Pitch

It’s Friday, the start of the Startup Weekend, you’ve chatted, ate tasty pizza, heard tales of toil and triumph from a battle hardened entrepreneur, now it’s pitching time.

You have one minute to pitch your idea to the reset of the audience, but they are suffering form carb overload, jaded from the multiple pitches before yours and others are just wondering what they are going to say themselves. You need to grab their attention, introduce yourself, talk about the problem you want to solve and how to solve it, then finally let them know what skills you need. All that in one minute, we better start planning!

Lets break the pitch down into sections:


Who are you? Whats you name? Keep it informal so first name only. What relevant skills do you have ? Anything info that ties you to the problem would be good here:

Hi everyone, I’m Andy a software development consultant. I like writing iPhone apps and taking my pet Spaniel, Douglas for walks.


What problem have you encountered that inspired your idea, maybe you have not even worked out a solution yet:

Being a consultant I get called away to work a lot and I need to make sure Douglas is going to be looked after. I find yellow pages impersonal and I would like to find really local dog minders with good reviews. I have not found an easy way to do this.


How are you going to solve the problem, no details please, just a basic outline:

I would like to build an app that allows me to find hyper local dog minders and be able to book Douglas in easily. I also want to leave reviews for other owners to read.

Help Required

What skills gaps do you have? What do you need the most help with?

I’m a developer and can create the app but I really need help to design and market the app. Anyone with graphical design skills, business development or who knows how to use online advertising would be great to have you on the team.

Product Name

This does not have to be the final name of the product or service but you need a working name for your team.

So please join team Doggy Walk-Ease

Try a couple of rehearsals as once the minute is over, it’s over so you need to make sure all the vital information has been said.

The next time to try out you 1 minute pitch in the UK is on the 10th of March at the Derby Startup Weekend