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Our great audience

Going back, three years ago I had the opportunity and honor (thanks to Associate Professor Betty Tsakarestou) to participate as organizer at 1st StartUp weekend Entrepreneurial Journalism in Athens Greece with great success.

At 2018, with Betty Tsakarestou and Domnika Skreta, we organized the 2nd StartUp Weekend Entrepreneurial Journalism-Audio and Radio Innovation, hoping to make this success greater.

Welcome entrance

One day Betty invite Domnika Skreta and me to be part of the 2nd StartUp Weekend Entrepreneurial Journalism-Audio and Radio Innovation as organizers. When we met for a first time our first questions were “why isn’t the radio not cool anymore or at least as cool as it used to be?”, “Can the radio be profitable, sustainable and entertaining again?”, “There is a need to go back in order to find why radio was cool or do we need to invent a new model?” etc. Through us and the radio field experts we had the chance to see the hardships and the perspectives that the radio industry carries and of course to get answers to all these questions.

Working teams in action

Betty Tsakarestou with the experience in startup weekends and her great Academic background in the fields of advertising and public relations, Domnika Skreta as Head of Marketing & Communications @Antenna Music, Member of Antenna Group, me with my academic background in tech, design, communication and administrative knowledge, we create a good working team. With the support of radio field experts as mentors and judges we had the chance to explore the Radio and Audio a little bit further.

A quick music review
Playing music and other audio content is far and away the most successful current use case for voice assistants. Anywhere from 70% to 90% of smart speaker users say they have streamed music on a smart speaker, depending on the study. About half of that amount do so daily. These statistics are meaningful, showing major change in how we consume media. Indeed, people who listen to Spotify on smart speakers are more likely to listen to music every day, according to the streaming music company, than Spotify users overall. They’re also more likely to listen to music on weekends and request nostalgic songs (Source:

What U.S. smart speaker owners use them for

Music 70%
Weather forecast 64%
Fun questions 53%
Online search 47%
Alarms/reminders 46%
Checking news 46%
Making calls 36%
Basic research 35%
Asking directions 34%
Calendar/schedule 32%
Smart home commands 31%
Sports scores 30%
Shopping and ordering 30%
Checking traffic 27%
Send/receive messages 24%
Games 20%
Food delivery 17%
Hotel/flight research 16%

Source: Adobe Digital Insights

The 3 days program

1st day

Review agenda for the weekend and introduce speakers, coaches, and community leaders. Attendees vote for the top pitches. Teams start forming and discussing ideas.

2nd day

Teams formed and setting up workspace for the weekend. Coaches help teams one-on-one. Status reports.

3rd day

Final hours of worktime should be focused on perfecting your presentation, tech-check for final presentations also takes place. Final Presentations. Judging & Awards.

1st Audio & Radio Summit — Athens 2018 | Jeremy Caplan, Director of Education at Tow-Knight Centre for Entrepreneurial Journalism and Associate Professor Betty Tsakarestou
1st Audio & Radio Summit — Athens 2018 | Eric Hansen, CEO Antenna Music and Associate Professor Betty Tsakarestou
“Smart speakers single-handedly brought radio back to the home”, according to Bret Kinsella, founder of the Voicebot blog and podcast. In nowadays podcasts are very popular. Podcasts are radio programs that are stored in digital form. You can download them from the internet and play it on a computer or on an MP3 player. Web seems to win the on-line radio field as we used to know it and adding new features for the users.

There are hundreds of Radio startups that have been flourished the last years and most of them focusing on the web aspect of the Radio. RadioJar is one and the number one choice for internet radio professionals. In Panteion University we have Spam Radio. Spam Radio is a web initiative created by the students of the department of Communication, Media and Culture. It is running by its students, with the support of me, as director of Spam Radio. It is great experience for the students, and it offers them the chance to get familiar with this very important medium.

The how method

All the participants learned how an idea can be transform to something real. How this idea can be developed to a startup. How people, that they didn’t know its other before, could work as a team! Startup weekend was a great opportunity to get together, innovators, creators, radio lovers, professionals, experts, partners, sponsors, all under the umbrella of creating the audio and radio of the future.

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