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Website development for Startup requires thorough planning and decent design skills. We’ve prepared a list of top websites of startups that amaze with both design and execution. Review the list and decide which startup solution would be the best for your business.

Top 19 Beautiful Websites of Startups


Squarespace is a drag and drop site builder that makes producing sites easier. The landing page is basic yet sophisticated and includes altering background images when the page is filled. Thanks to these effects the platform becomes one of the best startup websites.

Squarespace — One of the Best Startup Websites


Ghost is a brand-new material management system that simplifies the world of blogging. Their landing page includes huge images and lots of information which makes it an efficient landing page design.

Websites for Startups Blogging


Filiament offers complimentary apps that you can easily set up on your site. It also deals with WordPress! With its strong and vibrant site design, the website makes it easy and fun to bring life to your website.

Filiament Startup Website Development


This enjoyable startup inspires parents and their children together using an app that lets you check out interactive stories and learn. The Kidology website includes appealing illustrations and utilizes a strong color plan.

Best Startup Websites for Kids

Fan TV:

Fan TV is a device that integrates live TELEVISION, video-on-demand and streaming services in a unified discovery experience. Their website includes video backgrounds and large lovely images.

TV Fans’ Websites for Startups


Cameo is a mobile app that lets you and your good friends develop brief films from your phone. Their website includes some of the films made by their users — very creative approach makes it one of the best startup websites.

Creative Approach to Startup Websites


Cirqle is an iOS App that lets people catch their memories in the moment. It is a mobile social network for individuals who wish to share their experiences with the individuals they appreciate. This is a great example of websites for startups with bold but still an inviting feeling, which discusses how the App works effectively.

Startup Website Development for Sharing


Nod is a ring which when used can manage your wise devices around your home such as your TELEVISION, computer and even your lighting. Nod inspires the futuristic innovation of hand gestures to life. The startup website development included addition of unbelievable elements that explain how the ring works as your scroll.

Innovative Nod Ring


Kano is a computer system structure kit developed to teach kids how to develop and program computer systems. As you scroll down the website, you see how the computer is made with beautiful animations.

Computer Systems Developing for All Ages


Right from the domain to the clever design with lots of whitespace, welcomes you to better banking with it is among a kind site that oozes imagination and design stability.

Banking Websites for Startups


Clean and simple design rules supreme at CloudApp. Great looks, excellent performance and new web technologies too have found a house at CloudApp. Share. Files. Quick. Motivation galore.

Cloud App to Share


Are you a startup web designer with a fondness for excellent music? Spotify is a terrific source of inspiration of the best websites for startups.

Music Best Startup Websites

Code School:

Code School teaches web innovations in the comfort of your web browser with screencasts, coding challenges in addition to video lessons.

Learning Websites for Startups


The website dispenses a free Square Reader that enables you to receive payments on your smartphone.

Smartphone Payment Software


This app gives you the chance “… to know your email contacts, grow your network and establish rapport …” to name a few things.

Best Startup Websites for Networking with Rapportive


As one of Twitter’s couple of preferred partners, with access to their firehose and more, Dataminr is enabling business customers to make data-driven decisions quickly and effectively.

Data Driven Decisions at Dataminr


Artsy is an online platform to discover the world’s art, featuring work from leading galleries, museums and private collections around the globe.

Art Startup Website Development


Adaptly assists brands engage with, bring in and keep customers through the smart use of each distinct social media network.

Keep Customers through Adaptly


WunWun is an on-demand shipment service that released previously this year. They have a nice and friendly landing.

Best Startup Websites on Shipping

Excited to start your startup website development? Use the examples above to create your own masterpiece online!

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Startup Whale

Startup Whale is dedicated to showing the right way for startups, helping them head successfully in their business and stand out from their competitors. We’ve gathered the best tips and professional guides from our development team to help startups plan and manage their websites.


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Startup Whale

Startup Whale is dedicated to showing the right way for startups, helping them head successfully in their business and stand out from their competitors. We’ve gathered the best tips and professional guides from our development team to help startups plan and manage their websites.

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