1. Like most entrepreneurs, I put “CEO” on my first business card. Also like most entrepreneurs, I once believed in The Tooth Fairy. In both cases, it took me years to realize my mistake… (full column)

2. “I’m Fired?!?”— In 2007, I made the (scary) decision to “fire myself” as CEO of my own startup. [#BestDecisionEVER] Six months later, we had raised $850,000 in funding; a year later, we were a profitable 7-figure company… (full column)

3. Strengths, Weaknesses, and #SelfAwareness — I’ve recognized that I’m great at A FEW things… I’ve recognized that I SUCK AT MANY THINGSand I’ve realized just how extreme the differences are (progress levels, success levels, stress levels, etc.) between the years I’ve had a team (co-founders, employees, interns) with skills complementary to mine vs. the years I haven’t! (full column)

3B. Wait… Time-Out… Who ARE You Anyway?!?

Oh, right… Hi, my name is Jeff. I was born in a small town in… (actually, maybe I’ll just skip to the relevant parts)…

Background & Bio + Elaboration on Experience & Expertise — including 12+ years creating “Viral Whatever” — can be found at www.ViralWhatever.com

My relatively unique experience/expertise is creating/evaluating viral concepts that reach/engage huge audiences (40+ viral ventures and counting; collective reach: 495+ Million)
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I’ve spent the last few years thinking about the many Problems & Pitfalls that lead to a ~99% failure rate for entrepreneurs/startups —[more at ThoughtsOnStartups.com]and believe I have some Ideas & Initiatives for Improving that stat —[more at ReThinkingStartups.com] and I plan to Practice what I Preach (our ReThinkingStartups.com strategies) via the launching of MANY “Starter Startups” — assuming I ever get around to actually recruiting anyone to join me!

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All of the Following is like 80% done, sitting on my laptop… if anyone has a specific request for (hopefully?) “COMING SOON!”

4. From a small JOKE to a Million-Dollar Startup — The Rejection Hotline / Humor Hotlines / RH Brands… #MyStartupStory

5. The Stomach-Punch Feeling of Losing 4.75 Million Dollars…

Some PERSONAL Epiphanies: 
6) My INTP Epiphany
7) My A.D.D. Epiphany

8) My Battle with BURNOUT!

9a) My Entrepreneurial A.D.D. — Curse or Gift? … 
9b) 80% Done…
(then I get hyper-focused on a new ideas/challenges)
[80% Done? → 80% D → 80 D → I am 80 D → Iam80D.com / IamADD.com] 
9c) An Open Letter / Thank You Note to Mark Suster — which (ironically? coincidentally? fittingly? embarrassingly?) has sat on my laptop, 80% DONE, for ~2 years!

10. Speaking of my Entrepreneurial A.D.D. —

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