Background & Bio, Experience & Expertise…

EXPERIENCE & EXPERTISE: ~15 Years of Creating “Viral Whatever!”

My (relatively unique) experience/expertise is creating and analyzing potentially-viral concepts and content that will resonate with large/diverse audiences, intuitively recognizing/evaluating MANY factors (the art, science, math, psychology, mechanics, etc.) that impact virality, and differentiating an “idea” from an “IDEA+++” (an idea + Vision + Viability + Viral potential, and more)…

[Editor’s Note] …but then, in 2015, it was like he suddenly just disappeared! Some believe he died, some believe he fell off a cruise ship and is stranded on a Caribbean island with no phone or passport, but just last week TMZ reported he’s been secretly dating Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Anna Kendrick, and Brie Larson (yes, all 4!), so there are rumors circulating that he’ll soon be making a big comeback. (Entrepreneurial Epiphanies) (Thoughts & Theories) (Improvement Initiatives) (“We make Sh*t Go Viral” Secret Sauce)
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