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Startup *S.H.I.T. to Share! *Strategies/Hypotheses/Insights/Theories (to discuss/debate/demonstrate)


This whole thing is definitely a work in progress, but our hope is to share our YEARS of Entrepreneurial Epiphanies, Thoughts & Theories, and Improvement Ideas & Initiatives (and to hopefully attract some talented partners who are interested/intrigued by our approach), with an ULTIMATE GOAL to improve the success/fail rate of Idea-Stage Startups, by taking a smarter, more strategic approach… And we intend to practice what we preach by incorporating many of our strategies into the testing/launching of MANY new “STARTER STARTUPS” — products, services, viral content, social movements… All benefiting from shared resources, economies of scale, a cross-promotional network effect, and much more (including years of experience/expertise creating 40+ VIRAL ventures)… — — Interested? Intrigued? Talk to us!



“ReThinking Startups”

“ReThinking Startups”

JOIN US in ReThinking Startups / ReThinking WHATEVER! LAUNCH & LEARN! New Products, Content, Marketing, Side Hustles, STARTER STARTUPS!

The Whatever Network

The Whatever Network

Products, Services, Content, Causes… 18 “STARTER STARTUPS” based on our “ Expertise” (40+ Viral Hits!) and “ Strategies”

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