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Ahead of Our Time? Or One of the Biggest Blunders / Missed Opportunities in Startup History? (maybe both?)

The year was 2005…

FYI, I wasn’t planning to write up this story, but I mentioned it in an interview recently (Hypepotamus), so i figured I should put up a quick page to explain this great/terrible story :/
I think this was probably 2002-ish that I was first on CNN. We were receiving MILLIONS of phone calls and a ton of great media coverage, but, contrary to what most people thought, I wasn’t actually making any money yet… Because I was not yet familiar with concept of #SelfAwareness and I had yet to have my “” Entrepreneurial Epiphany that would be the catalyst for my #BestDecisionEver (when I Fired Myself as CEO of my own company and brought in a co-founder with complementary skills to run the parts of the business that I sucked at). And then, almost immediately, everything magically changed… within 3 months we had raised $1 Million in funding, and 6 months later, we were a profitable 7-figure company (after YEARS of no revenue)… But, I’m jumping way ahead in the story — that was all still a couple years away at this point in 2005:

I haphazardly launched in 2005

Admittedly, Grand Central did it much better than I did with Screen Numbers; no question about that…

But, it still kinda stung when I learned, a year later, that Grand Central had been acquired… by GOOGLE… for $95 MILLION… and it became Google Voice. :)

Semi-related to everything above, I totally empathized with the guy who used all that BitCoin years ago to buy a pizza! :)



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