“BUT I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME” (for a part-time “Starter Startup” in addition to my real job)

Spoiler Alert: Yes, you do!

Note to Self: Whether for separate blog entries or just future discussion/debate about our plan for “Part-Time Starter Startups”, a few topics to elaborate on… [NOTE TO READERS: Please Ask me to Elaborate if/when we Meet!]

For Discussion, Consideration, or Debate:

  • Time AT Work vs. Time ACTUALLY WORKING
  • Working Smarter (more efficiently) vs. Harder (more hours)
  • Doing what you’re GREAT at vs. AVERAGE at
  • Reducing/Eliminating Learning Curves
  • Efficiency of 1ST TIME (at anything!) vs. 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.
  • 5 HOURS of what you’re already GREAT at (from your full-time job?) is often better than 40 HOURS of someone starting/learning from scratch!
  • TIME (5 hrs/wk? 10 hrs/wk?) can be found/stolen in MANY ways:
    - Bringing your lunch / Ordering your lunch / Eating at your desk (vs. going out for lunch)… 
    - Driving before or after rush hour (vs. during rush hour)… 
    - Working some days from home… and/or (occasionally/partly)
*IF* made a priority, MOST people can find plenty of extra time in their week! These might not ALL apply to you, but use them as a guide and think about what works for you:

— Cutting TV-watching from 2 hours/day to 30 minutes/day, gives you an extra 10+ hours/week for your SWAN Startup!
 — Cutting your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat time from 2 hours/day to 30 minutes/day, gives you an extra 10+ hours/week for your SWAN Startup!
Instead of watching NFL games Sunday at 1pm, 4pm, and 8pm, plus Monday night and Thursday night, maybe just watch YOUR team, and take back an extra 10+ hours/week for your SWAN Startup! 
Pro Tip:
The performance of your Fantasy players will NOT change whether you watch or not ;-)
— Doing 15-minute dinners (at home or the office), compared to a 2-hour restaurant dinner (with travel time) an extra 10+ hours/week for your SWAN Startup!

How often do you go out for lunch? dinner? Ordering delivery or bringing lunch to work can save at least an hour a day (closer to 2 hours if you factor in driving time!) … NOTE: I can neither confirm nor deny that this is a real screenshot showing how I ordered Jimmy Johns 6 times in 8 days so I didn’t have to take long meal breaks!

P.S. We can look at your time in the other direction too…

There are 24 HOURS in a day, 7 DAYS in a week, and therefore 168 HOURS in a week. **Feel free to tweak the numbers below to work for you:

  • Full-Time Job — 40 hours/week?**
    (168–40 = 128 hours left)
  • Sleep — 7 hours/night?**
    (128–49 = 79 hours left)
  • Exercise/Shower/Eat — 3 hours/day?** (79–21 = 58 hours left)
  • Commute/Travel/Driving — 1 hour/day?** (58–7 = 51 hours left)
  • Friends/Family/Fun — 10 hours/week?** (51–10 = 41 hours left!?!)

P.P.S. IF you have the flexibility in your work schedule to come in before or after traffic (and then leave before or after traffic), it’s amazing how much time can be saved avoiding rush hour! The following are 2 real screenshots I took at 4:40pm as I was debating whether to drive home “now or later”

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