— Work on Startups & Raise Money for Charity?!?

Each individual project/program below — as well as itself! — are all “Pitching For Partners”…

[Background from Jeff] 
I’ve gotten pretty good over the years at creating viral concepts and content that engage large audiences (see “” for a sample of our 40+ viral hits that each reached more than a million, and collectively reached 485 Million)… But, admittedly, some of my most successful/viral stuff (starting with the Original Rejection Hotline) has been kinda dumb, juvenile, immature, etc…
I’ve had a few personal epiphanies recently (which I’ll explain more in a blog post in the future) that kinda made me want to “grow up” a little… So, my plan moving forward (2018 and beyond) is to start creating more “Viral Whatever” concepts designed to have a much more positive/charitable impact on society…
If you’re interested in anything you see below, 
Please CONTACT US us to get involved:

[NOTE: All of the following — and more! — are in need of Executors, Operators, Managers, Marketers, Program Coordinators, etc.]

*************** Pledge:

- ALL “Whatever Network” ventures will donate a MINIMUM of AT LEAST 10% of any/all profits to various 501(c)3 charities…. Contact us for details and/or to work with us and/or to get your charity as a recipient:


Charitable-Giving as a Recruitment Tool / Employment Perk?

- ALL “Startup Whatever” partners, employees, and interns will help decide which charities are the beneficiaries of each new “Whatever Network” venture. And/or the first profit-sharing partner on board for each product picks the charity beneficiary! [Full Details TBD, must be a legit 501c3 charitable organization, etc.] Contact us to discuss:


Do you work for a great charity?

Contact us — — for a free CUSTOM “Viral Whatever” campaign/product pitch to benefit your charity! No obligation, just let us do some creative thinking on your charity’s behalf! (NOTE: We’re not promising the next Ice Bucket Challenge, but we’ve created many viral ventures in the past, so we feel pretty good about our ability to help you raise a lot of money for various charities.) And/or just contact us — — so we have a direct line of communication if/when we have something you might be interested in!



What Charities (or Causes) are Important to YOU?!?

[New Program Idea — Open to anyone/everyone out there? Social Media Influencers? — though, like all our stuff, we need someone to run it!!]

  1. Pick a Product
  2. Help Promote it (social media or elsewhere)
  3. Proceeds Benefit the Cause that YOU Picked!


When we have products with multiple varieties, designs, styles, whatever — we would love to have each one benefit a different charity! For example, with our new “Whatever Pennies”, perhaps the STAR Penny would benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation and/or the PUZZLE PIECE Penny would benefit Autism Speaks and/or the CROSS Penny would benefit the American Red Cross and/or… CONTACT US — we have 100+ that might work for YOUR charity!


More info and more details on all of the above (and much more!) can be provided to those interested… Contact us — — to discuss (or to get involved!) with any of our stuff!

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