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MY (few) STRENGTHS, MY (many) WEAKNESSES, and… #SelfAwareness

(, Part 3)

NOT Actually Jeff — But it Might As Well Be…
*Note: Above is Primarily for B2C Ideas. For B2B, I suppose you’d replace “Viral Potential” with “Product-Market-Fit” — but, admittedly, my strengths are much more with B2C rather than B2B.
Note: ALL of our “Whatever Network” startups (and our “Startup Whatever” programs) will be seeking participants, employees, interns, as well as co-founding partners to actually execute and run it all! (Entrepreneurial Epiphanies) (Thoughts & Theories) (Improvement Initiatives) (“We make Sh*t Go Viral” Secret Sauce)
Part-Time “Pursuit of Proof” Premises & Programs: / /
Practicing What We Preach: &



Entrepreneurial Epiphanies & Lessons Learned + Thoughts & Theories Pertaining to Problems & Pitfalls = Innovative Improvement Initiatives & NEW “ **S.H.I.T. to Share!” **[Strategies, Hypotheses, Insights, Theories]

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