Introducing: “STARTER STARTUPS” and “PART-Time Pursuit of… *

Whether your “full-time” job is in Corporate America or already with a startup (or as a full-time student or stay-at-home parent!), we’d like to introduce you to the ideas of putting “Multiple Eggs in Multiple Baskets” and the many potential benefits of “STARTER STARTUPS” — strategically pursued PART-Time (at least initially, PRIOR to PROOF…*)

Yes, we know we’ve used this image elsewhere.

UNLESS/UNTIL you have achieved *PROOF

*Proof of Concept?
*Proof of Assumptions?
*Proof of Product/Market Fit?
*Proof of any Reliable OBJECTIVE Indicators (of better-than-average odds of success)?

…the Harsh Reality is:

  • YOUR Assumptions, Beliefs, Confidence (#ABC?) — about YOUR startup — can simply NOT be taken as RELIABLE or OBJECTIVE (because *EVERY* ENTREPRENEUR has all that about THEIR startup!) Therefore:
  • OBJECTIVELY, you are NOT a good bet… for an investor’s money — or even for the “all-in / full-time” plunge by YOU!

So, What DO We Suggest & Encourage…??



  • Entrepreneurial Self-Awareness
  • Complementary Co-Founders
  • Objectivity Over Optimism
    (Statistically Probable vs. Theoretically Possible)
  • PART-Time Pursuit of… * 
    *PROOF (…of Concept, of Assumptions, of MVP Viability, of Product-Market Fit…)
  • Bootstrapped / Self-Funded / Low Overhead
     (at least initially, “Prior to Proof”)
  • Risk-Mitigation (not risk glorification & celebration)
  • Entrepreneurial Employees
    “Investing Hours” vs. “Investment Dollars”
    #ProfitsAsPerks #HustleFunded
  • Anticipate Pivots BEFORE you’re forced to
  • A-B Testing isn’t just for marketing! A-B Test EVERYTHING
  • Short-Term Goals: 
    PROVE Key Assumptions
    Crawl first → then Walk → THEN Run!

Principles & Philosophies — More Specific to our “WHATEVER NETWORK” Starter Startups

(for which we are presently “Pitching for (Part-Time) Partners!”)

  • Shared Resources / Economies of Scale
  • A Cross-Promotional “Network Effect” (and our existing fanbase of 1.7 MILLION fans?!?)
  • Blurring lines between Products, Content, Marketing:
JOIN US!!! — Multiple, simultaneous “Starter Startups” — benefiting from the efficiencies gained from shared resources, economies of scale, and a cross-promotional network effect — plus some “secret sauce” from a decade of launching 40+ viral ventures, each engaging audiences of 1+ Million people and collectively reaching 495+ Million!


We believe that the notion of “you must be all-in / full-time” (on one startup) is not only OVER-RATED and unnecessary (*at least initially!), but it is actually a bit OUT-DATED — from a time (just a few years ago!) before AWS and WordPress and Shopify and UpWork and Facebook Ad-Targeting and… the countless other startup resources that allow you to launch a startup MVP (test assumptions, validate hypotheses, etc.) so much EASIER, FASTER and CHEAPER than ever before!
Smart investors don’t just invest in one company; they diversify their portfolio to mitigate risk and increase chances of big wins. We believe that startups / entrepreneurs should consider that concept too — at least initially, “prior to proof” — with their “Investment HOURS” rather than “investment DOLLARS”… (

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