Introducing: “ATLANTA STARTER STARTUPS” (and PART-Time “Pursuit of *Proof…”)

Because “All-In / Full-Time” can be Unnecessary / Unwise [Statistically Stupid?] PRIOR to PROOF of…


(Primary Premises)
Therefore… YOUR confidence, YOUR assumptions, YOUR hypotheses — can simply NOT be OBJECTIVE about YOUR startup (because EVERY ENTREPRENEUR has those about THEIR startup!)... Therefore:
Unless/Until Then… you are objectively NOT a good bet — for an investor’s money or even for the “all-in / full-time” plunge by YOU! So, what DO we recommend/encourage? Tune in below…


[We Now Join Our Regularly-Scheduled Blog Post, Already In Progress]
*Proof of Concept? *Proof of Assumptions? *Proof of the V in MVP? (Minimum VIABLE Product)? 
*Proof of Reliable Objective Indicators?
[of better-than-average (~1%?) odds of success]
We believe the idea of “you must be all-in / full-time” (on one startup) is not only OVER-RATED and unnecessary (*at least initially!), but it is actually a bit OUT-DATED — from a time (just a few years ago!) before AWS and WordPress and Shopify and UpWork and Facebook Ad-Targeting and… the countless other startup resources that allow you to launch a startup MVP (test assumptions, validate hypotheses, etc.) so much EASIER, FASTER and CHEAPER than ever before! 
( — Sacrificing Weekends And Nights)
Smart investors don’t just invest in one company; they diversify their portfolio to mitigate risk and increase chances of big wins. We believe that startups / entrepreneurs should consider that concept too — at least initially, “prior to proof” — with their “Investment HOURS” rather than “investment DOLLARS”… (
Whether your “full-time” job is in Corporate America, already with a startup, or as a full-time student, we’d like to introduce you to the idea of putting “Multiple Eggs in Multiple Baskets” and the many potential benefits of PART-Time “STARTER STARTUPS!”


(For “STARTER STARTUPS” and Our “PART-TIME PURSUIT Of PROOF” Programs & Improvement Initiatives)

  • Entrepreneurial Self-Awareness
  • Complementary Co-Founders
  • Objectivity Over Optimism
  • Bootstrapped / Self-Funded / Low Overhead
    (at least initially, “prior to proof”)
  • Risk-Mitigation (not risk glorification & celebration)
  • Entrepreneurial Employees
  • Shared Resources / Economies of Scale
  • Blurring the lines between Products, Content, Marketing
  • Anticipate Pivots BEFORE you’re forced to
  • A-B Testing isn’t just for marketing! A-B Test EVERYTHING — even Potential Pivots (on your core product!)
  • Short-Term Goals: PROVE Key Assumptions and/or Achieve RELIABLE OBJECTIVE INDICATORS
  • Crawl → then Walk → then Run
  • **PART-Time Pursuit of Proof (…of Concept, of Assumptions, of MVP Viability, of **Reliable Objective Indicators…)

** Until then, you are objectively NOT a good bet — for an investor’s money or for your own “all-in / full-time” plunge!

But contact us if you’re at all intrigued by anything you’ve read and/or if you’d like to work with us!

P.S. Similar to all the adult sports leagues (soccer, softball, kickball, etc.), what if we created something like: America’s Startup Simulation Leagues! (Too ambitious? Let’s start local — Atlanta’s Startup Simulation Leagues!
[Editor’s Note: Yep, either way, that would be ASS Leagues!]
P.P.S. If you don’t like that acronym, you’re definitely not going to want to participate in our Side Hustle Invitational Tournament! :)


Contact to discuss further (and/or to get involved with) any of the above!

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