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NOTE: All programs will be PART-Time and run in conjunction with &, all part of “The Whatever Network”
P.S. Any resemblance between the (temporary?) logo above and any male body part is purely coincidental.

  • FREE [whatever] IF YOU AGREE… to provide us with honest and private feedback (positive or negative).
  • FREE [whatever] IF YOU AGREE… to provide negative feedback to us (privately!) and to share positive feedback on social media (publicly!)
  • FREE [whatever] IF YOU AGREE… to simply let us tell you about our other products/services/offers/etc. in the future — by signing up for our email newsletter, following us on social media, etc. (Details TBD)

A Simple “Brand Ambassador” Program? Campus Correspondents? Regional Representatives? DIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAM:

  • *Pick your Product(s)
  • Provide your Plan
  • Market it for [a Month? More? Less?]
  • Receive your *profits* from that month (plus additional 30 days!)
    * A) 30% of the profits if WE provide you with a marketing budget
    * B) 60% of the profits if there is NO marketing budget (i.e. marketing channels are strategic, no-cost, hustle/grind, guerrilla tactics)
    * C) 90% of the profits if you’re betting on yourself and YOU are contributing the “buy-in” marketing budget

Feature, promote, and/or EMBED OUR PRODUCTS — on YOUR SITE!

Marketing Meetups / Hackathons / Startup Weekends

WANTED: Cross-Promotion Coordinator!