Misguided Misconception: “Ideas are Shit; Execution is Everything.” [Related Reality: MOST Ideas are Shit]

Spoiler Alert: MOST of ANYTHING would be shit if EVERYONE was doing it regardless of talent or skill-level! (MOSTideasAreShit.com)

MOSTideasAreShit.com — A few Thoughts on IDEAS from ReThinkingStartups.com and ViralWhatever.com, creators of 40+ Viral Ventures that EACH reached 1+ MILLION people — collective reach: 485 MILLION!)
  • Most people have a pretty good level of self-awareness when it comes to their abilities to play the piano or pilot an airplane — or how good they are at golf or ice-skating. (And most ENTREPRENEURS are fairly accurate in their self-awareness of their graphic design abilities or their coding skills — or, albeit to a lesser degree, even their public speaking or sales abilities.) BUT, I believe most entrepreneurs have a terrible level of self-awareness when it comes to their ideas, strategy, vision… (full column soon)


  • I completely understand WHY many people minimize the value of ideas (with Gary Vaynerchuk famously preaching: “Ideas are Shit; Execution is Everything”) — because, I’ll admit and agree, that is a very fair/accurate critique for MOST ideas, conceived by MOST people…

Math has a definitive right and wrong answer, so it’s easier for you to believe and understand that some people are just that much better at math than others. But what if I told you that some people are that much better than average at some combination of Ideation, Intuition, Strategic Vision, Prediction of Human Behavior, Creative Thinking…? That’s much harder for us to comprehend (or believe) because it’s all generally thought of as more qualitative than quantitative and more subjective than objective, so it’s much more difficult for people to recognize/accept.

  • Do you know what a S.W.O.T. Analysis is? (It stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats and it’s a way that Business Schools teach to evaluate new ideas.) What if I told you that some people can intuitively do a better, more thorough, more accurate S.W.O.T. analysis IN SECONDS(!) — IN THEIR HEAD(!), than the entire all-staff / conference-room meeting would come up with after hours (or days!) spent brainstorming and white-boarding? What if I told you that some people have such an intuitive understanding of human nature and consumer behavior that they can intuitively do as good a job (if not significantly better) a job of accurately providing all the market insights that a lengthy/costly Customer Discovery process or Market Research survey would provide.


  • “Everyone think of an idea…”
    That’s great… in certain situations — particularly for children! — just like every kid takes science classes (even though very few will become scientists) or how every kid is encouraged to play sports (even though a smaller number of kids are good enough to play High School sports, even fewer are great enough to play Collegiate sports, and how many people do you know who are talented enough to be a professional athlete and make it their career?!) [To Be Continued]
* NOTES: “Viral potential” is only a factor for some types of ideas (such as B2C products/content that will depend on virality for success). For other types of ideas (such as B2B startups), we would substitute “Product-market-fit potential” (at least a 10x better-than-average potential of achieving product-market-fit)

P.P.S. One of the key principles of ReThinkingStartups.com is to try to create the programs and methodologies where, as often as possible, you have people doing what they are truly GREAT at… If you want to do other things for fun or personal growth (like Michael Jordan did when we switched from basketball to baseball), that’s great. But if you’re trying to give a startup the best chance of success, wouldn’t you rather bet on a team where you have GREAT people doing what they are truly GREAT at??

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