Multiple Eggs in Multiple Baskets?

PRIOR to PROOF (…of Concept? of Assumptions? of Product/Market-Fit?), it is our core philosophy & advice for aspiring entrepreneurs:

**PRIOR to PROOF (…of Concept? of Assumptions? of Product/Market-Fit?), this is a key “ Philosophy”

**Multiple Eggs + **Multiple Baskets = Multiple Benefits!

Math? Science? English? History? We’ve LITERALLY Been TRAINING for this our Entire Lives!
#LearningCurvesSuck — The FIRST Time (for ANYTHING) is always the most time-consuming and expensive. It is almost NEVER EVEN CLOSE to 3x or 5x the time or money to do it 3 or 5 different times/ways/whatever.


Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Hustlers (GaryVee fans?), Influencers, Designers, Content Creators, Specific Skills/Expertise (Shopify? MailChimp? WordPress? Photoshop?), and/or Anyone with strong INTEREST IN… VIRAL Content/Marketing? Pop-Culture/Memes? Life Hacks/Humor? Social Media? Social Movements? Side Hustles?


MULTIPLE Products that are…





DUDE! Why Would You Give Away All Your Ideas on Here?!?!

[Yeah, that’s right, I coined that phrase! (Bought the domain name too — — just because i have a legit “domain-name-buying-addiction”)]
Some of us can obviously multi-task more effectively than others. And some of us enjoy variety more than others. But, whether we realize it or not, we ALL have plenty of experience dividing our time and focusing our efforts in multiple directions — because it wasn’t too long ago that we were all required to do it regularly!
The analogy might not be perfect, but if you can handle Math, Science, English, History, Spanish, etc., you might just be able to handle a Part-Time “Starter Startup” added to your schedule… particularly if your role is something you’re great at (better/faster than the average full-timer?) and/or things you already do for your primary job/startup so the long/costly learning curves are non-existent. Learning to do something the first time is always WAY more time-consuming than doing it a 2nd/3rd/4th time…
Yes, I understand the most common objections to the suggestions above will likely center around the company or entrepreneur being spread too thin and never fully realizing — or not quickly enough realizing — the full potential of any of the individual ventures. But I think those concerns can be mitigated/offset by good management (of personnel/time), economies of scale / shared resources (multiple ventures sharing one office lease, one receptionist, one set of utility bills, office supplies, and even key C-Level personnel), and the increased likelihood of one or multiple successes emerging from putting multiple eggs in multiple baskets… [More on all this soon.]


“Multiple Baskets” FOR STARTUPS / COMPANIES:

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