I put CEO on my 1st Business Card. I also once believed in the Tooth Fairy.

In both cases, it took YEARS to realize my mistake. (IamNOTaCEO.com, Part 1)

Most entrepreneurs / founders will put “CEO” on their first business card when starting a company. And I was no different back when I started my first company. But I quickly (eventually) learned/realized a few things that would have a dramatic impact on my entrepreneurial career — past, present and future…

  1. I REALIZED… that being a CEO (or at least a successful one) requires a very unique set of skills — which I believe the majority of entrepreneurs / startup founders do NOT necessarily possess.

2) I REALIZED… that the following are actually three very different things:

A. STARTING a business

B. RUNNING a business (successfully)

C. SCALING that business (into a larger company)

… and that A. B. and C. can often require very different mindsets, skill sets, personality types, etc., particularly for the CEO (or at least a successful one).

A. what my (few) entrepreneurial strengths are — and what my (many!) entrepreneurial weaknesses are,
B. what I’m truly great at (and what I genuinely suck at!),
C. and for which parts of the startup process I’m best-suited (and at which parts I’m most likely to struggle!)

A) that I am a great strategy/vision/intuition idea guy (with a relatively unique understanding of the countless factors that impact “virality”) — BUT, that I’m NOT great when it comes to organization, execution, operations, (and I literally needed another whole blog post to document all of The MANY Things I SUCK At!)
B) that I’m good at STARTING startups, but that I’m not the right person for SCALING startups
***[NOTE: I believe the Startup Community should also give some thought to the people, processes, and practices best-suited for “Starting Startups” vs. “Scaling Startups”]

A) that my personality type is INTP (and all the things — good and bad — that it helps explain about how I think, work, interact with others, etc.)
B) that I am severely A.D.D. (which I’ve obviously known for a while, but I only recently began to understand what it really means, how it affects my brain (and my life), and how to “hack” it so it’s more of a blessing than a curse)…
C) that this post is already WAY too long so I should probably wrap this up!


So, after I had my “I am NOT a CEO” Epiphany, WHAT DID I DO ABOUT IT???
“I made the (difficult) decision to “fire myself” as CEO of my own company — and it was the best decision of my entrepreneurial career!” 
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My (few) STRENGTHS, my (many) WEAKNESSES, and… 

3 Years of Thinking/Writing/Planning:
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