Entrepreneur? Side Hustler? A Motivated Millennial Looking to Learn??

NOTE: Regardless of our specific needs (which there are many), the reality is that if we like you (are you smart? self-motivated? know how to figure things out and get $h*t done?) and if you like us (are you genuinely excited about some of our projects?), then we can almost certainly find a fit for you!

(but in no particular order and definitely NOT a complete list)…

  • Product Managers & Product Marketers (for MANY different types of products!)
  • SHOPIFY! Expertise? Experience? Familiarity?
  • Charity Coordinator (we are donating portions of proceeds from ALL products/services/sites/etc. to different charities — so we need someone to manage/coordinate all those relationships and donations)
  • Programmers/Developers: Many projects, mostly language-agnostic.
  • Twilio or Plivo developer: Several (relatively simple projects) for someone who is familiar with Twilio (ideally Plivo) and/or wants to learn…
  • WordPress, SquareSpace, Weebly, other: Looking for someone to maintain, improve, and/or edit numerous sites and mini-microsites
  • Webmaster — for one, some, many, or all of our sites.
  • Social Media Managers — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Medium, Tumblr, etc.
  • SoundCloud manager — this may or may not include audio editing capabilities
  • Pandora/Spotify/Itunes manager — on the audio publishing side
  • YouTube and/or Vine video creators
  • PhotoShop? Illustrator? — Advanced OR Beginner; expertise not necessary. Even just the basics should work for many relatively simple projects.
  • General (Non-Tech) Project Manager (for a wide variety of potential projects) — ability to multi-task and figure things out — even if it is new to you.
  • Online Marketing / Media Buying
  • Programmer / Coder / Developer — whatever you call yourself, whatever your programming language of expertise, we can likely discuss and find suitable projects
  • MailChimp Manager
  • Google Analytics Manager / Google AdSense Manager (may or may not be the same person)
  • Social Media Manager *(and/or) Social Media Intern 
     *(depending on experience, interest, availability, etc.)
  • Campus Correspondents, Regional Representatives, Social Media Brand Ambassadors, Marketing Program Managers, Millennial Marketing Masters… Details coming soon — or

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