Problems & Pitfalls — from WORDS & DEFINITIONS?!? (part 2)


[Spoiler Alert: Nobody seems to have a universally-accepted definition — but, for the sake of this discussion, we’ll use GOOGLE’S DEFINITION (below) to illustrate a few common misconceptions (that have evolved over time) about what “an entrepreneur” actually is]

The reality is — there are MANY TYPES of Entrepreneurs! 
But in the most authoritative definitions we found — including Google, 
- that you need to be the CEO…
- that the business needs to be YOUR idea… 
- that you need to start All-In / Full-Time… 
- or that you can’t reduce or MITIGATE your risk
(Multiple Eggs / Multiple Baskets)
[more on this later]

So, why am I so interested in discussing the wide variety of contradictory definitions of Entrepreneur? (Particularly the specific parts associated with my notes written in red on the image above?) Because…

  1. Because the success of my first startup was a direct result of my personal epiphany that I could be a successful entrepreneur without being the CEO (and my business partner’s understanding that he could be a successful entrepreneur without it being his idea) — explained in more detail at
  2. Because I believe that unnecessary labels and misunderstood definitions (along with the related “lack of self-awareness in founders” and “mis-matched skillsets among co-founders”) are big parts of why MOST startups/entrepreneurs fail. [BUT, they are parts that can be easily/quickly corrected by just stopping to really think about all this!]
  3. Because if we remove some of these misconceptions (particularly the all-in/full-time bias), I think we open the door to MANY new (potentially-great!) entrepreneurs — including the ever-elusive Technical CoFounder! [More on that here: Risk. To Celebrate or Mitigate?]
  4. Because WE (“” & “The Whatever Network”) are actively looking for:
    A) Entrepreneurs who understand (and are ok with) the fact that they can be successful entrepreneurs without it being their idea — and, ideally, are also excited about joining us for some of the “Starter Startups” we’re working on!
    B) GREAT executors, operators, managers, marketers, designers, etc. — even if they’d previously never thought to even consider themselves “an Entrepreneur!”