ReThinking PRODUCTS as CONTENT as MARKETING as… ( Part 2)

Part 1 — Introduction
Part 3 — 365+ Pieces of…Whatever?!?]


…there may not be a single one of our 365+ “Products” that mathematically / statistically makes sense to bet on (to put money into — or even to put TIME into) — as a Startup, as a Side Hustle, or even just as a Hobby — regardless of whether your goal is ~$10 Million or ~$100,000 or even just ~$1000!


We are excited to introduce some innovative new S.H.I.T. [Strategies, Hypotheses, Ideas, Theories] — based on years of relevant experience, statistical analysis, and unique insights — that have helped us to change our perspectives, change our approach, and… to be honest, we think it could be GAME-CHANGING for Idea Stage / Early Stage entrepreneurs…

NOTE: As unconventional as our approach may be, please try to keep in mind:

A: What if we Change our Perspective on GOALS, BENEFITS, and SUCCESS METRICS for “Products”…

…perhaps expanding GOALS, BENEFITS, and SUCCESS METRICS (beyond just sales, revenue, profit) to also include value more traditionally associated with CONTENT and MARKETING?

For example, regardless of sales/revenue/profit, each “Product” could also/instead provide…

Lead Generation? Customer Discovery / A-B Testing? Brand Awareness? Brand Personality? Establishing Relevance / Expertise? Customer Entertainment / Engagement? Customer Loyalty / Evangelism? Boost Web Traffic? Gain Fans/Followers? Re-Targeting Data? — etc. etc.

…for any/all other products in the cross-promotional network of PACASM (Products as Content as Social Marketing) or “Starter Startups”

Comedy genius, Mitch Hedberg (RIP), has a classic observation on escalators — that they can never break, they just become some other (also useful) thing. We like to think of our PRODUCTS that way… “OUR products CAN’T FAIL! If they don’t generate revenue, they simply become content or marketing for the products that DO generate revenue… ”

B) … When calculating and evaluating expenses (for Cost/Benefit Analysis?)… What if we Change Our Perspective and shift focus, from TOTAL Costs, to AVERAGE Costs (i.e. Cost per Product)?!?

Learning curves SUCK! Countless hours (and dollars) spent researching or coding or experimenting/testing via trial and error… but, once you finally figure it out!? The 2nd, 3rd, 4th time (that you do almost anything!) is significantly easier, faster, cheaper than the first. So, Resources Required (dollars, hours, people, etc.) on a *PER PRODUCT* Basis are dramatically decreasedvia #MultipleEggs in #MultipleBaskets benefiting from #SharedResources and #EconomiesOfScale

Launching/testing TEN (10?!) PRODUCTS might sound RIDICULOUS… And we agree — it is ridiculous — if, If, IF, *IF* each is being launched/tested individually.

As part of our Product-Content-Marketing-Whatever Network? Each benefiting from Shared Resources, Economies of Scale, and a Cross-Promotional “Network Effect” — collectively launched/managed via ONE (1) e-commerce account, ONE (1) MailChimp account, ONE (1) Google AdWords / Facebook Ad account, ONE (1) Google Analytics account, ONE (1) Social Media manager, ONE (1) account / license / expenditure OF ALMOST EVERYTHING [that would have required TEN (10) if they were launched individually!?]?!?

Your *PER PRODUCT* COSTS (money, time, etc.) are DRAMATICALLY REDUCED — making it no big deal if there is no significant revenue/profit resulting directly from any given product (or any 3, or 5, or 7, or even 9 of the 10 products?!)


(“You Gotta See This! vs. “You Gotta See These!)

Admittedly, our plans/programs might be a bit disorganized as we get started… but, if you can handle that — and want to get involved in some things that we think can be GAME-CHANGING for startups, entrepreneurs, side hustlers, etc., please, JOIN US!
Click for a brief “Intro / Interest Form” for some of our Improvement Initiatives!

To anyone that Jeff specifically directed here, and/or anybody else who happens to stumble upon this? — below is just one example (of what will be MANY) of using the same technology/assets/whatever as MANY different things… Please feel free to try them out — so you understand how they work, can decide which concepts resonate with you, and simultaneously give us some good starter content :)
[ignore all prices, i’m pretty sure i set all the prices to $0.00 while we test]

  7. Message To Future Me:
  8. Treat “Future You” to That Awesome Feeling of Finding Lost Money!

ALSO, feel free to check out:

  • a few of the 15-second videos on our YouTube account, which has literally never been shared anywhere yet… some videos are bad, some are ok, any/all can be used for by our team of partners for whatever:
  • — you can go through the download process (half of them are currently free) and you’ll cringe when you see how bad the image is that currently gives people the phone number they request…
  • if you want to start thinking about categories or specific cards you might be interested in working on
  • — same

Required Reading for anyone thinking of working with us — so you understand what you’re getting into with Jeff:


Entrepreneurial Epiphanies & Lessons Learned + Thoughts & Theories Pertaining to Problems & Pitfalls + Innovative Improvement Initiatives → → 19 “STARTER STARTUPS” IN 2019?! (Pitching for PART-TIME Partners!) - P.S. Talk to us if you're interested/intrigued by ANY of our stuff!

“ReThinking Startups”

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JOIN US in ReThinking Startups / ReThinking WHATEVER! LAUNCH & LEARN! New Products, Content, Marketing, Side Hustles, STARTER STARTUPS!


Entrepreneurial Epiphanies & Lessons Learned + Thoughts & Theories Pertaining to Problems & Pitfalls + Innovative Improvement Initiatives → → 19 “STARTER STARTUPS” IN 2019?! (Pitching for PART-TIME Partners!) - P.S. Talk to us if you're interested/intrigued by ANY of our stuff!

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