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Let those 2 stats sink in for a second: 
~99% of Startups Will FAIL… Despite ~100% of Entrepreneurs BELIEVING They Will Succeed… 
  • …Therefore, YOUR assumptions (about YOUR startup) simply can NOT be taken as OBJECTIVE — because ALL entrepreneurs feel that way about THEIR startup.
    Optimistic Assumptions = Bad!
    Objective Indicators = Good!
[Editor’s Note: I keep wavering back and forth whether to add a word to make it “RELIABLE OBJECTIVE INDICATORS” — on one hand, ROI is already claimed / established in the business world (Return On Investment)… on the other hand, it would be much easier to remember: The NEW R.O.I.?!?]
  • …Therefore, unless/until you have achieved one of those Reliable Objective Indicators and/or proved your assumptions... we believe it is most often a MISTAKE to quit your job and/or go “All-In / Full-Time”
  • We know that many startup veterans will roll their eyes at this, but (based on all of the above!), we strongly recommend…


  • *Proof of Concept?
  • *Proof of Assumptions?
  • *Proof of MVP Viability?
  • *Proof of Reliable Objective Indicators — of above-average (~1%) success likelihood?

(Please, READ ON! — Even/especially those who just rolled your eyes because you adamantly believe “You’re not a REAL Entrepreneur unless you’re All-In / Full-Time!”)

Whether your current “full-time” job is in Corporate America, already with a startup, or as a full-time student, we’d like to introduce you to the many potential benefits of PART-Time “STARTER STARTUPS!”
SMART Investors don’t invest in one company; they diversify their portfolio to mitigate risk and increase chances of big wins. We believe that startups / entrepreneurs should (initially!) do this too… (MultipleBasketStartups.com)
We believe the idea of “you must be all-in / full-time” (on one startup) is not only an over-rated notion, but also somewhat outdated — from a time (just a few years ago!) before the cloud and AWS and WordPress and Shopify and Upwork and Google Analytics and Facebook Ad-Targeting and countless other services making it MUCH easier/faster/cheaper to launch and test MVPs (www.theSWANstartup.com — Sacrificing Weekends And Nights)


(For “STARTER STARTUPS” and Our “PART-TIME PURSUIT Of PROOF” Programs & Improvement Initiatives)

  • Objectivity Over Optimism
  • Entrepreneurial Self-Awareness
  • Complementary Co-Founders
  • Bootstrapped / Self-Funded / Low Overhead
  • Risk-Mitigation (not risk glorification & celebration)
  • “Ready, Aim, Fire!” vs. “Ready, Fire, Aim”
  • Entrepreneurial Employees
  • Shared Resources / Economies of Scale
  • Blurring the lines between Products, Content, Marketing
  • Cross-Promotional “Network Effect”
  • Anticipate Pivots BEFORE you’re forced to
  • A-B Testing isn’t just for marketing! A-B Test EVERYTHING — even Potential Pivots (on your core product!)
  • Multiple Eggs / Multiple Baskets
**PRIOR to Proof (…of Concept, of Assumptions, of MVP Viability, of Reliable Objective Indicators), not only can you not know if you have better-than-average success odds, but, can you even really know whether you’re working on something that is likely to be regarded as a “Startup” vs. a “Lifestyle Business” vs. a “Small Business” vs. a “Side Hustle”… Because all of those labels are traditionally based on growth metrics that you can’t truly know in advance, without the benefit of hindsight… (More on this later)

- Crawl → then Walk → then Run (Initially modest revenue goals: $100k to $1 Million — not $10 Million, not $100 Million, not Billion-Dollar Unicorns!)

- PART-Time Pursuit of Proof (…of Concept, of Assumptions, of MVP Viability, of Reliable Objective Indicators…)

Part-Time “Starter Startups”… Multiple Eggs in Multiple Baskets… Economies of scale… Shared Resources… Competing while Collaborating… a Cross-Promotional Network Effect…
Our “ReThinkingStartups.com Strategies & Improvement Ideas/Initiatives” will be at the core of our ambitious (ridiculous?) plans for 2018 and Beyond… →
Wait, What?! 
“WTF” is right!!!


(specific to WORKING WITH US!)

All of our “18 Starter Startups in 2018” will, at least initially, be a part of StartupWhatever.com and “The WHATEVER Network”, allowing each to benefit from:

  • Shared Resources, Economies of Scale, a Cross-Promotional “Network Effect” —
  • Our Secret Sauce / Competitive Advantage: ViralWhatever.com’s “IDEA+++ Methodology” (from our ~15 Years Experience / Expertise with 40+ Viral Successes reaching 485+ Million people!)
  • AudioWhatever.com’s database of 1.7 MILLION fans of our (past/present/future) “Rejection Hotline / Humor Hotlines” business — all legally subscribed (MMA-compliant, double-opt-in process) who have requested to receive updates when we launch new stuff!
  • MarketingWhatever.com’s Programs & Competitions
  • The benefit of many additional ReThinkingStartups.com Strategies, Thoughts/Theories, and Improvement Ideas, for example:
Full Column Soon — or ask Jeff wtf he’s talking about — but that should be enough to get you thinking…
(Please get in touch if you’re interested/intrigued and/or want to work with us PART-time!)

In Conclusion: Contact Us / Work With Us!


Our 18 “STARTER STARTUPS” are all PITCHING FOR PARTNERS — initially privately (contact us for info!) and then more publicly (later in 2018).

INTRIGUED by any of the above? POTENTIALLY INTERESTED in participating with (or running!) any of it? WE’D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU: info@StartupWhatever.com


3 Years of Thinking/Writing/Planning:
IamNOTaCEO.com (Entrepreneurial Epiphanies)
ThoughtsOnStartups.com (Thoughts & Theories)
ReThinkingStartups.com (Improvement Initiatives)
ViralWhatever.com (“We make Sh*t Go Viral” Secret Sauce)
Part-Time “Pursuit of Proof” Premises & Programs:
StarterStartups.com / MultipleBasketStartups.com / theSWANstartup.com
Practicing What We Preach:
18Startups.com / PitchingForPartners.com

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