LEARN About Startups… While LAUNCHING Startups!

“Startups For Students” is one of many programs run by, a division of

SESSIONS (and Tentative Dates)

We run sessions year-round, generally in conjunction with students’ academic break schedules — Summer Break, Winter Break, (even abbreviated/intensive 1-WEEK SPRING BREAK SESSIONS if there is interest!), as well as during the school year on a case by case basis.



“Startups For Students” participants will work from a combination of Atlanta-based startup hubs (potentially to include: Atlanta Tech Village, Switchyards Downtown Club, Ponce City Market, and others). Exact locations for each session will be announced but all will be in Atlanta and accessible via public transportation (so a car is not required).


• With guidance/mentorship from experienced startup founders, you will actually start/run multiple REAL ventures (“Starter Startups”)
• Select which “Starter Startups” to work on (via draft format) and actually share in REAL PROFITS from the projects in your startup portfolio.
Collaborate with other program participants, but also compete against each other for additional profits (based on criteria such as: product sales, ad revenue, web traffic, social media engagement, etc.). #CollaborativeCompetition #CompetitiveCollaboration (#RedundantReduncancies)


• Experience, Education, and Mentoring
*Share of Profits* from YOUR designated projects — percentages determined by performance relative to peers 
[Individual Incentive to COMPETE]
*Share of Profits* from ALL TEAMS’ PROJECTS — percentages determined by combined performance & ALL teams hitting collective performance goals 
[Group Incentive to COLLABORATE]
*Winners of various contests and challenges receive additional perks and prizes*

• At the conclusion of the program, all participants are given the opportunity to negotiate for ongoing participation — product profit-sharing and/or ownership/equity if venture is spun off into separate LLC — for any venture you feel you can provide ongoing value! OUR HOPE IS TO FIND SOME LONG-TERM PARTNERS AND CO-FOUNDERS!

* Note: “Profits” are defined as revenue minus expenses, accrual-based accounting, for duration of program, AND for 30 days after program concludes.


A few benefits of “STARTER STARTUPS” specifically for FIRST-TIME Founders:

  • Learn while doing; an easy way to gain startup experience
  • Make mistakes before they really matter
  • Find out if you actually like startup life
  • See how well you work with potential co-founders, employees, etc.
  • Great for “Proof of Concept” or MVPs (or even a “pre-mvp”)
  • You can always attempt to take it bigger later — expanding to larger markets, adding new products/services, pivoting to a bigger idea and/or consciously moving from “low risk / low reward” to “higher risk / higher reward”
  • All of the above without quitting your day job (or while you’re still a student), without risking a lot of money (yours or investors’), without wasting a lot of time, etc.

Obviously the part-time “Starter Startup” thing is not going to work for all startups (or all entrepreneurs!), but there are MANY startup business concepts that can be launched/tested quickly and inexpensively…

NOTE: has more “Starter Startups” concepts than we’ll likely ever get to on our own, so please get in touch if you’re interested in working on (or running/owning!) one of ours!


Send an email, telling us about yourself, your interest, your experience, you availability, etc. [Spoiler Alert: If you send a generic letter that gives no indication that you’ve read anything about us, there’s a 96.3% chance you won’t hear back from us.]

(We also have MANY other opportunities to get involved with out stuff — as an intern, or even as a partner or co-founder!)