Whether it’s proactively anticipating a future pivot and starting it now or an entirely different concept, when else can you start a startup and benefit from so many shared resources and economies of scale — avoiding all the traditional time-consuming parts of starting a startup — finding office space, interviewing/hiring, all the learning curves, etc. — you already did all that! Amortize that Shit! (over Multiple Eggs / Multiple Baskets!)

Why don’t more startups proactively anticipate their pivots?”
If we know the first iteration is rarely successful, why wait until your back is against a wall to test Plan B? Why not use economies of scale and shared resources to simultaneously build/launch your next pivot (or 3!?) BEFORE you’re actually forced to? I mean, you’ll A-B test different subject lines in an email campaign but you won’t A-B test your core product?!? [And B2C startups? Depending on what your product is, I think you could (should?) be simultaneously launching 2, 3, 4, or 12 products — or even brands!]

  • Additional Landing Pages are Easy.
  • Additional Domain Names are ~$10.
  • A few extra clicks and your Facebook Advertising guru has just created an entirely new custom audience for ad-targeting — a group that has no idea that everyone in a different [location? age bracket? whatever!] is seeing ads for a similar product but with a different name, a different price-point, and/or a different value proposition or marketing spin.
  • Learning Curves suck.
  • The amount of time/money you spend to do ANYTHING the first time is SOOOO MUCH MORE than the 2nd, 3rd, 4th time.
  • Or, heck, take one of our “ViralWhatever.com IDEA+++ Starter Startups” and incubate it WITHIN YOUR STARTUP! Talk to us!

P.S. If you are a company that has spent a lot of time and money to perfect your logistics / fulfillment / shipping operations… or your social media / digital marketing / customer acquisition process… or your [insert whatever you are GREAT at!]… then WHY would you NOT spread that expertise, those sunk/fixed costs across another startup / another product / another business unit (the terminology doesn’t matter!)?!?! And/or become a Partner / Co-Founder / Whatever with another startup that would place TREMENDOUS value on not needing to re-invent the wheel (that you have already spent time/money inventing)?!?



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