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Startup *S.H.I.T. to Share! *Strategies/Hypotheses/Insights/Theories (to discuss/debate/demonstrate)

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Innovative new *S.H.I.T. to Share! *[Strategies, Hypotheses, Ideas, Theories]

We have some innovative new *S.H.I.T. to Share —
*[Strategies, Hypotheses, Ideas, Theories]
and, to be honest, we really think it could be GAME-CHANGING(!) for Idea Stage / Early Stage Entrepreneurs!

As unconventional as our approach may be,

“NEVER QUIT!” = MINUTES for ATHLETES! But for Founders?! “NEVER” is YEARS or… F***ING FOREVER!!!



  • Encouraging Athletes to Continue Max Effort
    for the remaining
  • Seconds? Minutes? Hours?
  • So, “NEVER” = a very SHORT, FINITE amount of TIME
  • Opportunity Cost of NEVER = ~NOTHING!
    [PLUS, in most cases they’re REQUIRED to be there anyway — so they can’t leave to do something else instead of playing the 9th inning or 4th quarter!]
  • So, OF COURSE, Athletes should NEVER quit or give up!


  • Encouraging Founders to Continue Max Effort
    for the remaining…
  • …Years? Decades? Lifetime?
  • So, “NEVER” = an INFINITELY LONG amount of TIME!
  • Opportunity Cost of “NEVER” = ~EVERYTHING!
  • So, “Never Quit / Never Give Up”

Note: Multiple projects/programs below are seeking partners and participants…

[Quick Background]
Jeff was a creative entrepreneur who had gotten very good over the years at creating viral concepts and content that engaged large audiences (see “” for a sample of our 40+ viral hits that each reached more than a million, and collectively reached 495 Million)… But, he fully admits that some of his most successful/viral stuff (beginning with The Original Rejection Hotline) was kinda dumb, juvenile, immature, and occasionally not used in the humorous, light-hearted manner in which it was intended…
“I’ve had a few personal epiphanies - which I’ll explain more about in the future - that kinda made me want to ‘grow up’ a little,” he explains. “So, my plan moving forward, is to start creating more “Viral Whatever” concepts designed to have a much more positive/charitable impact on society…”

The year was 2005…

[TL;DR: Identical service sells to Google for $95 Million a year later]

FYI, I wasn’t planning to write up this story, but I mentioned it in an interview recently (Hypepotamus), so i figured I should put up a quick page to explain this great/terrible story :/

The year was 2005… my “Rejection Hotline” and a few other “Humor Hotlines” were super-viral, reaching millions of people, tons of media coverage… and I had a few other random (viral) ventures that were reaching a million or more people as well. (I had figured out the FEW things I was GREAT at… *BUT* I had yet to acknowledge the MANY things I SUCK at.)

You can call me “Debbie Downer” or “Negative Nancy” [though I prefer Realistic Rick or Logical Larry or Accurate Alex], but the harsh truth is…

#StatusQuoBias is the enemy!

If ~99% of startups FAIL, yet ~100% of entrepreneurs BELIEVE they’ll be the ~1% to succeed, then YOUR #Assumptions, #Beliefs, #Confidence about YOUR startup, simply can NOT be viewed as objective or valid (because MOST — if not ALL! — entrepreneurs will feel the same way about THEIR startup)…

So, the honest/harsh (objective!) reality is that you (and your startup) are NOT A SMART BET (for an investor — or even for yourself to make…

Intentionally BLURRING THE LINES — between Startups & Side Hustles… Employees & Entrepreneurs… Products & Content & Marketing …

Note: To skip directly to the Join Us “Interest Formclick here.

And “PART-Time Pursuit of *PROOF…” Programs

UNLESS/UNTIL you have achieved *PROOF…

*Proof of Concept?
*Proof of Assumptions?
*Proof of Product/Market Fit?
*Proof of any Reliable OBJECTIVE Indicators (of better-than-average odds of success)?

…the Harsh Reality is:

  • YOUR Assumptions, Beliefs, Confidence (#ABC?) — about YOUR startup — can simply NOT be taken as RELIABLE or OBJECTIVE (because *EVERY* ENTREPRENEUR has all that about THEIR startup!) Therefore:
  • OBJECTIVELY, you are NOT a good bet… for an investor’s money — or even for the “all-in / full-time” plunge by YOU!

So, What DO We Suggest & Encourage…??

Or do Startups & Entrepreneurs Need ONE Single Focus??

Spoiler Alert:

PRIOR to PROOF (…of Concept? of Assumptions? of Product/Market-Fit?), this is a core “ Philosophy” and our strong belief/suggestion/advice/whatever…


[Wait, WHAT?!]
Maybe that came out wrong. We’ll explain…

**Multiple Eggs + **Multiple Baskets = Multiple Benefits!


Startup *S.H.I.T. to Share! *Strategies/Hypotheses/Insights/Theories (to discuss/debate/demonstrate)

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