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Startup *S.H.I.T. to Share! *Strategies/Hypotheses/Insights/Theories (to discuss/debate/demonstrate)

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We asked 34 students to give an honest self-assessment in 16 areas (ranging from overall intelligence to creativity, from work ethic to leadership), with instructions of:

Compared to your peers (the other students at this event), how do YOU feel that YOU compare to THEM?
Don’t over-think it. Just answer HONESTLY. We ALL have Strengths AND Weaknesses!

I’ll come back to this column when I have more time to elaborate more on what the point was, what the results might imply, and why we think #SelfAwareness is so important — particularly for entrepreneurs!
[Editor’s Note: Who are you kidding?? — you have 237 columns just like this one that you’ve been planning to come back and edit or finish for years! And, weren’t you planning…

Prepare to have your mind blown in 3… 2… 1…


There are MANY business benefits — shared resources, economies of scale, etc. — as well as many sneaky reasons they’d prefer we not know…

Enterprise owns both National and Alamo… ??
Avis owns Budget, Payless, and Zipcar… ??
Hertz owns Dollar and Thrifty… ??

Innovative new *S.H.I.T. to Share! *[Strategies, Hypotheses, Ideas, Theories]

We have some innovative new *S.H.I.T. to Share —
*[Strategies, Hypotheses, Ideas, Theories]
and, to be honest, we really think it could be GAME-CHANGING(!) for Idea Stage / Early Stage Entrepreneurs!

As unconventional as our approach may be,

“NEVER QUIT!” = MINUTES for ATHLETES! But for Founders?! “NEVER” is YEARS or… F***ING FOREVER!!!



  • Encouraging Athletes to Continue Max Effort
    for the remaining
  • Seconds? Minutes? Hours?
  • So, “NEVER” = a very SHORT, FINITE amount of TIME
  • Opportunity Cost of NEVER = ~NOTHING!
    [PLUS, in most cases they’re REQUIRED to be there anyway — so they can’t leave to do something else instead of playing the 9th inning or 4th quarter!]
  • So, OF COURSE, Athletes should NEVER quit or give up!


  • Encouraging Founders to Continue Max Effort
    for the remaining…
  • …Years? Decades? Lifetime?
  • So, “NEVER” = an INFINITELY LONG amount of TIME!
  • Opportunity Cost of “NEVER” = ~EVERYTHING!
  • So, “Never Quit / Never Give Up”

Success/Fail Rates are NOT some unchangeable “Natural Law of Entrepreneurship!” We CAN improve…

STATUS QUO BIAS — A cognitive bias that explains our preference for familiarity… to resist change and prefer the current state of affairs
[definition from]

“Startups Are Hard.”
— *BUT* —
there are things we can do to dramatically improve the current success/fail rates if we start thinking (and re-thinking?) more strategically and identifying / addressing the most common Problems & Pitfalls — particularly for YOUNG and/or FIRST-TIME Entrepreneurs…

Because simply following the same paths and repeating the same approaches of countless Startups/Founders for whom those paths/approaches have consistently resulted in ~99% failure (but yet somehow (magically?)…

Spoiler Alert: For exactly $0.00 you can become an EXPERT at MailChimp, Shopify, WordPress, Facebook/Instagram Ads, HootSuite Social Media Management, and Eleventy-Sleven Bazillion other services!!

It’s FREE — if, If, IF you put the time in. All those sites have “Getting Started Guides” or “Tutorials” or 40+Hour Curriculum of Lessons on every possible topic, tagged as Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced… And almost all of these sites offer FREE TRIALS for long enough to make you a legit expert! (see screenshots below)

[And if you want REAL projects/products to practice on (with REAL PROFIT-SHARING) to keep you motivated while you learn, contact us via]


[Spoiler Alert: Nobody seems to have a universally-accepted definition] For the sake of this discussion, we’ll use GOOGLE’S DEFINITION (below) to illustrate a few common misconceptions (that have evolved over time) about what “an entrepreneur” actually is. [comments in red are us]

The reality is — there are MANY TYPES of Entrepreneurs!
But in the most authoritative definitions we found — including Google,
- that you need to be the CEO…
- that the business needs to be YOUR idea…
- that you need to start All-In / Full-Time…
- or that you can’t reduce or MITIGATE your risk
(Multiple Eggs / Multiple Baskets)
[more on this later]

So, why am I so interested in discussing the wide variety of contradictory definitions of Entrepreneur? (Particularly the specific parts associated with my notes written in red on the image above?) Because…

  1. Because the success of my first startup was a direct result of my personal epiphany that I could be a successful entrepreneur without being the CEO


( Part 2?)

NOTE: As unconventional as our approach may be, please try to keep the following in mind as you read our stuff:

Yes, you, person reading this! I can tell you (with 99% certainty!) that YOUR STARTUP WILL FAIL!

“WTF!” you might be saying.
“How can you possibly know that?” you might be asking.
(And “F*** YOU!” you might be thinking.)

Don’t be mad at me — I’m just the messenger! I’m actually trying to HELP you! I’m trying to encourage you to NOT quit your job and go all-in/full-time, unless/until you have some legit RELIABLE OBJECTIVE INDICATOR(S) to refute the statement that YOU WILL FAIL (which we can say, with 99% certainty, based simply on historical statistics and probabilities — nothing to do with “you” personally!)

Despite your excitement, optimism, passion, confidence, whateverwhich, Spoiler Alert: do…

Spoiler Alert: Yes, you do!

Note to Self: Whether for separate blog entries or just future discussion/debate about our plan for “Part-Time Starter Startups”, a few topics to elaborate on… [NOTE TO READERS: Please Ask me to Elaborate if/when we Meet!]

For Discussion, Consideration, or Debate:

  • Time AT Work vs. Time ACTUALLY WORKING
  • Working Smarter (more efficiently) vs. Harder (more hours)
  • Doing what you’re GREAT at vs. AVERAGE at
  • Reducing/Eliminating Learning Curves
  • Efficiency of 1ST TIME (at anything!) vs. 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.
  • 5 HOURS of what you’re already GREAT at (from your full-time job?) is often better than 40 HOURS of someone starting/learning from scratch!
  • 10 hrs of Great…


Startup *S.H.I.T. to Share! *Strategies/Hypotheses/Insights/Theories (to discuss/debate/demonstrate)

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