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You can call me “Debbie Downer” or “Negative Nancy” [though I prefer Realistic Rick or Logical Larry or Accurate Alex], but the truth is…

If ~99% of startups fail, yet ~100% of entrepreneurs believe they’ll succeed, then YOUR Assumptions, Beliefs, Confidence about YOUR startup, simply can’t be viewed as objective or valid (because EVERY entrepreneur feels that strongly about THEIR startup!)…

So, the honest/harsh (objective!) reality is that you (and your startup) are NOT A SMART BET (for an investor, or even for yourself to make the All-In / Full-Time leap!) — UNLESS or UNTIL you have AT LEAST one of…

Honorable Mentions:
- “Been There / Done That” — Prior Startup SUCCESS (not just experience)
- Joining a TOP Incubator/Accelerator program with a proven track-record of success (i.e. Y-Combinator) 
- [NOTE: I’m open to adding more if anyone has additional thoughts — Jeff@StartupWhatever.com]


We’re living in a time when countless entrepreneur-friendly services (like WordPress, Amazon Web Services, Shopify, MailChimp, Google Analytics, Facebook Ad-Targeting, and MANY others) make it EASIER, CHEAPER, and FASTER than ever before to build, launch, and A-B test a Startup MVP (minimally viable product).

So … it is not only possible, but we actually RECOMMEND getting started in a PART-time capacity to build your MVP and test your assumptions. THEN, if/when you’ve achieved one of the aforementioned “OBJECTIVE Indicators”, you will be able to make the “Go All-In?” decision with much more OBJECTIVE information at your disposal (and investors will have a much better way of objectively evaluating you!) in regard to whether or not you have a better than average chance of success!


*Proof of Concept? 
*Proof of Assumptions? 
*Proof of MVP Viability? 
*Proof of Product-Market Fit?
*Proof of Reliable Objective Indicators — 
of above-average (~1%) success likelihood

Whether your “full-time” job is in Corporate America or already with a startup (or as a full-time student or stay-at-home parent!), we’d like to introduce you to the many potential benefits of “PART-Time Pursuit of PROOF” via “STARTER STARTUPS!”


(For “STARTER STARTUPS” and Our “PART-TIME PURSUIT Of PROOF” Programs & Improvement Initiatives)

  • Entrepreneurial Self-Awareness
  • Complementary Co-Founders
  • Objectivity Over Optimism
    (“statistically probable” > “theoretically possible”)
  • Bootstrapped / Low Overhead / #HustleFunded
    (at least initially, “prior to proof”)
  • Risk-Mitigation (not risk glorification & celebration)
  • Shared Resources / Economies of Scale
  • Blurring the lines between Products, Content, Marketing
  • Anticipate Pivots BEFORE you’re forced to
  • A-B Testing isn’t just for marketing! A-B Test EVERYTHING — even Potential Pivots (on your core product!)
  • Short-Term Goals: PROVE Key Assumptions and/or Achieve “Reliable OBJECTIVE Indicators”
  • Crawl → then Walk → then Run
  • PART-Time Pursuit of Proof (…of Concept, of Assumptions, of MVP Viability, of Reliable Objective Indicators…)
We believe the idea of “you must be all-in / full-time” (on one startup) is not only OVER-RATED and unnecessary (*at least initially!), but it is actually a bit OUT-DATED — from a time (just a few years ago!) before AWS and WordPress and Shopify and UpWork and Facebook Ad-Targeting and Google Analytics and… the countless other startup resources that allow you to launch a startup MVP (test assumptions, validate hypotheses, etc.) so much EASIER, FASTER and CHEAPER than ever before! #HustleFunded
(www.theSWANstartup.com — Sacrificing Weekends And Nights)
Smart investors don’t just invest in one company; they diversify their portfolio to mitigate risk and increase chances of big wins. We believe that startups / entrepreneurs should consider that concept too — but with their “Investment HOURS” rather than “Investment DOLLARS” — #HustleFunded (MultipleBasketStartups.com)
JOIN US!!! — Multiple, simultaneous “Starter Startups” — benefiting from the efficiencies gained from shared resources, economies of scale, and a cross-promotional network effect — plus some ViralWhatever.com “secret sauce” from our decade of launching 40+ viral ventures, each engaging audiences of 1+ Million people and collectively reaching 495+ Million!

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To the “Startup Purists” out there who are rolling their eyes at any of our thoughts/plans/philosophies, we only ask that you keep in mind that the status quo — “the right way” — currently looks something like this:

Please take a moment and really let those stats sink in… because they are at the core of A LOT of our ReThinkingStartups.com Improvement Initiatives — and please contact us if anything you’ve read resonates with you and/or you’d like to work with us! (info@StartupWhatever.com)